National Technology Day 2024 in India | History , Importance, Theme

National Technology Day is celebrated across India on May 11th each year to celebrate India’s scientific progress.

Every year, on May 11, National Technology Day is celebrated across the country to celebrate the various technological developments undertaken by various scientists, engineers, and others.

On May 11, 1998, India successfully tested nuclear bombs in Pokhran. National Technology Day demonstrates the need for an entrepreneurial spirit that offers a cost-effective solution to India’s development challenges.

The importance of National Technology Day on May 11

May 11 is a milestone in the history of Indian technological innovation. On this day of 1998, India has successfully tested nuclear bombs at Pokhran. That’s why we celebrate National Technology Day to celebrate this historic day.

Moreover, that day in Bangalore, the first national plane “Hansa-3” did a test drive. India has also successfully tested the Trishul rocket. Beginning in 1999, May 11th became “National Technology Day”.


Why are we celebrating National Technology Day?

Each year, the Technology Development Council organizes the Technology Day celebration on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

India’s Technology Day is an opportunity that reflects India’s technological development and creativity. It also symbolizes India’s innovation in terms of national socio-economic gains and international presence.

This day closes the gap between researchers and ordinary people. The Indian government also recognizes the efforts of scientists to find solutions to everyday problems. Encourage other technocrats and companies to follow in their footsteps.

History of National Technology Day

As we saw above, a nuclear test was held in Pokhran on May 11, 1998, based on the tremendous success of scientists, engineers, and so on. Atal Bihari Vajpayee said May 11 National Technology Day.

Since 1999, the Technological Development Council (TDB) has celebrated this day every year with several technological innovations that have had a positive impact on the country.

In addition, the TDB chooses a theme every year and, on this basis, several events and competitions have taken place in the country. This day also marks the importance of science in our daily lives.

Celebration of National Technology Day

– On this day, TDB awards the national awards to the most outstanding personalities, institutions and companies of the year.

– The Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Earth Sciences, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and several other scientific departments are participating in this event.

– People are honored for their contribution and shine more and more in the research of the Indian president.

– The Ministry of Science and Technology also coordinates various events throughout India.

– All decorations and event planning must match the theme.

– Contests for writing texts, speeches and writing take place in several institutions.

– Thematic articles are also announced.

It is, therefore, necessary to interest and sensitize students to science and technology. There is no doubt that National Technology Day is a great way to encourage young people across the country to move forward, as well as honouring scientists and researchers for India’s growing technology.

How the National Technology Day in India is celebrated

The Ministry of Science and Technology celebrates the National Technology Day every year on May 11th. The day is considered a symbol of the pursuit of technological creativity, scientific research and the implementation of this pursuit in the integration of society, industry and science.

Various events are organized in technical facilities as well as in engineering schools to honor this great event. Presentations, interactive sessions, quizzes, lectures and competitions will also be held. The Indian President awards the National Technology Award to both private individuals and businesses for their immense contribution to science.

The ministers of technology and science are celebrating the day with various events to promote science in the country. On this day, Indian students usually visit several laboratories to learn about the latest advances in pharmacy, science and research.

Students will also visit various computer labs, nanotechnology and technology development centres, accompanied by their teachers, to learn about recent developments in these facilities.

National Technology Day Themes

Every year, the Technology Department Board (TDB) celebrates National Technology Day by highlighting the technological innovations that have had a positive impact on the country. TDB selects different topics every year to celebrate this day.

The theme is chosen to honor scientists who have made significant contributions to science and technology. It is also an honor for industrial companies that have excelled in marketing primitive technologies. The subject shows that technological and scientific developments are very important to the success of a nation.

India is one of the best performers in the world in basic research. Science in India has become one of the most powerful knowledge tools.

However, in light of new requirements for economic development, it is essential to translate technology and science into the development needs of each sector, including agriculture, education, communications, infrastructure and health. The theme is adapted to the latest requirements and technological advances.

  • Theme of NTD 2019 was “Science for people and people for science”.
  • The theme of NTD 2018 was “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”.
  • Theme of NTD 2017 was “Technology for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth”.
  • The theme of NTD 2016 was “The Technology Facilitator of the Indian Start-up”.
  • Theme of NTD 2014 was “Including Innovation for India”.
  • The theme of NTD 2013 was “Innovation – Making a Difference”.

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