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How does miscommunication happen? Give a few suggestions to overcome it.

Miscommunication refers to unsuccessful communication. Miscommunication frequently occurs in one’s life. This is a result of many different factors. When one misinterprets the real meaning of different meaning of the words than they intended. Miscommunication occurs when the recipient receives a message other than that intended by the sender. Communication barriers enable miscommunication to take […]

What are communications objectives?
What are Communications Objectives? 12 Examples

What are the objectives of communication?:- Effective communication is one that includes clarity in expression and expression and exchange of ideas and emotion. It is an art to get one’s message across successfully. To get a message across clearly means that the thoughts and ideas are communicated clearly and there is no miscommunication between the […]

Features and Characteristics of Communication
Features and Characteristics of Communication

The essential features of an effective communication system are keys for productive communication. The chief principles or characteristics of effective communication are as follows. Characteristics of Communication 2-way process:-  There must be a minimum of two persons, Communication is possible only when there are at least two persons, the sender of the information and the […]

what is communication
What is Communication?

What is Communication?:- The term communication originates from the Latin words “communis” meaning common Or “ Communicare”  which means to share or ompart. Communication is the process of transferring information from sender to receiver. It can take place between two people as well as within groups. It is the process of exchanging of facts, ideas […]