Health And Fitness
Article on Health And Fitness

Health and fitness is the key to a long, active and enjoyable life. It is correctly stated that Health is the actual Wealth that a person can retain. Teachers assign this topic to their students to enhance their knowledge about staying healthy and fit, and create awareness among others as well. It also results in […]

Farmers Suicides
Article on Farmers Suicides

Farmers Suicides a truly embarrassing situation for any society. The issues compelling the farmers to commit suicide required to paid attention immediately, as the farmers toil tirelessly to produce grain for us without which we can’t survive. In recent times the statistics have depicted an alarming rate of the incidents of farmers committing suicide in […]

Child Labour
Article on Child Labour

Child labour takes place when children forced to work at an age when they expected to work. Study and enjoy their phase of innocence. It implies lost or deprived childhood that leads to exploitation. Of children in various forms: mental, physical, social, sexual and so on. The society, voluntary organizations and law-makers have an obligation […]

Election commission of India
Election Commission of India

WHAT IS ELECTION COMMISSION The Election commission of India an autonomous body, responsible for administering elections in India. It is primarily responsible for fostering the principles of democracy. By conducting fair and unbiased elections. The provision for an Election Commission to hold. And supervise elections for Lok Sabha (Lower House), Rajya Sabha (Upper House), State […]

importance of Education in Our Life
Importance of Education in Our Life

Introduction As the importance of Education in Our Life better understood by experiencing darkness. So the importance of education can be better understood. by dwelling into the lack of it. Perhaps, an illiterate person who has never been to school and who has faced the curse of illiteracy could answer the question- “Why is education […]

Education for Children
Importance of Education for Children

Introduction An American social reformer and writer, Fredrick Douglass once wrote- “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Though he wrote these lines in the context of slavery, but it also holds true in relation to education. Education for Children gives strength to the children to become strong adults and […]

Education for Adults
Importance of Education for Adults

Introduction Education for Adults is a practice in which the adults of a community are engaged in learning activities to develop new skills, knowledge or even personality. It is a platform where adults could use years of experience and knowledge to learn new skills for a better future. Adult education might also include classes for […]

Education in Society
Importance of Education in Society

Introduction Education in Society is defined as a collection of people living together in an ordered community. A well ordered community share common infrastructure and economy and live in unison displaying unity and integrity, without hatred or remorse. What brings order to a society? Ever wondered that, why do some societies keep a constructive approach […]

Education for Women
Importance of Education for Women

Introduction Women education is a catch all term which refers to the state of primary, secondary, tertiary and Education for Women. There are 65 Million girls out of school across the globe; majority of them are in the developing and underdeveloped countries. All the countries of the world, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries must […]

Female Foeticide
Article on Female Foeticide

Female foeticide takes place when a foetus is aborted after its determined to be female. Under this illegal practice, the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound. And if it happens to be a female foetus. Its aborted through medicine or surgery. Its one of the most rampant social […]