World Asthma Day 2024 in India | History and Theme

World Asthma Day 2024:- World Asthma Day is celebrated every year on the first Thursday of May. This year, it will be celebrated on May 2nd, 2024, to raise awareness of this chronic respiratory disease, its precautions, and its prevention around the world.

The Global Asthma Initiative (GINA) organizes this event every year to raise asthma awareness and care. Nowadays, this disease is also widespread in children.

Do you know that the celebration of World Ash Day began in 1998 with the launch of GINA after the first inhuman world meeting in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is now celebrated in more than 35 countries? The goal is to educate people on the best way to control this breathing problem and other allergic diseases.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic and long-term lung disorder that affects our lungs and the way we breathe. It is a non-communicable disease. As a result of inflammation in the airways, it is incurable.

Today, it is the most common chronic disease in children. In this disease, the airways shrink and fill with mucus, further blocking the flow of air.

In the case of uncontrolled asthma, respiratory distress can result.

Allergies to dust, smoke, fumes, pollen grains, grass, chemical irritants in the workplace, and air pollution can cause it.

The goal of World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is celebrated for the following reasons: raising awareness and controlling symptoms of asthma, educating physicians about the importance of proper diagnosis and disease control, and educating asthma patients about asthma prevention and control of infiltrators of asthma.

It is of utmost importance that we understand the need to control this disease. According to recent data, about 235 million people worldwide have asthma.

Symptoms of Asthma

However, knowing that there is currently no curative treatment for asthma, the treatment helps to control the symptoms.

It is best to take preventative and control measures to inform people about asthma, its signs and symptoms, to avoid smoking, air pollution, colds, flu, etc.

The signs and symptoms may vary from person to person. Some symptoms of asthma are:

– Shortness of breath

– Cough

– Chest tightness or pain

– Shortness of breath because the person cannot breathe properly.

Is asthma a curable disease?

Properly treating asthma at the right time can prevent asthma attacks or reduce the number of asthmatic patients.

The patient must also avoid going to the smoking area. He or she should know why and how the possibility of asthma increases.

Asthma patients use inhalers to be able to breathe properly with medication. This medicine quickly reaches your lungs and makes them feel better.

How is World asthma day celebrated?

May is asthma awareness month due to the first Tuesday in May being World Asthma Day each year.

Organizers are organizing the National Asthma Prevention and Education Program (NAEPP) in order to encourage people to manage their asthma.

– People with asthma are encouraged to write the Asthma Action Plan (AAP) to learn about the medications and facilities they need to treat asthma.

– The biggest step in NAEPP is the APP, which brings together doctors, patients and other people with asthma patients to take control of asthma.

Some activities that are performed:

– To start with the best treatment, control camps without asthma is organized.

– New clinics and pharmacies for asthma will be opened in the required areas.

– In several countries, asthma societies celebrate global asthma at the national level.

– Through television channels and news channels, various intelligence messages are broadcast, such as “fight asthma with each breath”.

– Several schools offer asthma awareness classes, symptoms, precautions, and prevention.

The goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness about asthma by distributing posters and banners in many different places.

The theme of World Asthma Day

  • The theme for 1998 was “Supporting our children to breathe”.
  • The theme for the year 2000 was “Everyone breathes normally”.
  • The theme for 2001 was “Overcoming Asthma Together”.
  • The theme for 2002 was “Understanding Asthma”.
  • The theme for 2003 was “reducing the burden of asthma”.
  • The 2004 theme was “Focus on asthma, reducing the burden of asthma”.
  • The 2005 theme was “Unmet need for asthma”.
  • The 2006 theme was “Unmet need for asthma”.
  • The 2007 theme was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The theme for 2008 was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The theme for 2009 was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The theme for 2010 was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The theme for 2011 was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The 2012 theme was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The 2013 theme was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The 2014 theme was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The 2015 theme was “You can control your asthma” and the sub-theme was “It’s time to control asthma”.
  • The 2016 theme was “You can control your asthma”.
  • The theme for 2017 was “Allergy and Asthma”.
  • The theme for 2018 is “Better air, better breathing”.
  • The theme of World Asthma Day 2019 was “STOP for Asthma”. The STOP in the theme corresponds to Assessment of symptoms, Test response, Observe and Evaluate and proceeds to adjust the treatment.

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