System Analysis and Design

real time analytics tools
What are Real-Time Analytics Tools?

Real-Time Analytics Tools:- There are some occasions where it is necessary that data is to be processed immediately So, in that case, a real-time system based on an online data processing system that has the capability of processing & updating computer files using terminal quickly enough to affect decision making. In a real-time system, all […]

system implementation
What is System Implementation? Types of Implementation

System Implementation:- The term Implementation may be defined as “Implementation is the process of converting the manual or old computerized system with the newly developed system & making it operational, without disturbing the functioning of the organization.” System Implementation comprises the following 1. Creating computer compatible files 2. Training the people who are going to […]

Elements and Types of System
Elements of System Analysis and Design

System:- A system is an array of components that work together to achieve a common goal by accepting input, processing it, and producing output in an organized manner. Elements of a System: The basic three elements of the system are: Input Processing Output In addition of this, four more elements play an important role. These […]

Oral Presentation
Feasibility Report and Oral Presentation

Feasibility report is a formal document for management use & is prepared by system analyst during or after a feasibility study. a. Feasibility report must be brief & sufficiently non-technical so that it will be easily understandable. b. It must be detailed enough to provide the basis for system design.   Contents of Feasibility Report:- […]

Systems Analysis and Design/Introduction

Information system analysis and design is a complex, challenging & stimulating organizational process that a team of business & system professionals uses to develop & maintain computer-based information systems. The analysis & design of an information system is driven from an organizational perspective. Organizations can respond to & anticipate problems & opportunities through innovative uses […]