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Information Infrastructure
Benefits of Global Information Infrastructure (GII)

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, and the computer set the stage for his unprecedented integration of capabilities. The Internet has now become almost a “commodity” service, and much of the latest attention has been on the use of his […]

Company Wide Disaster Planning
Company Wide Disaster Planning

Company Wide Disaster Planning:- Today, information technology is used for almost all the activities in an organization. All the departments of an organization are dependent on the IT  department. So, a company-wide disaster planning is essential to protect the critical information stored in the system as well as other business processes. Planning is a senior management […]

Economic Consequences of Cyber Terrorism
Economic Consequences of Cyber Terrorism

Misuse of Information Technology in Cyber Terrorism Cyber terrorists misuse information technology, i.e., computers, data communications, hardware, software, peripherals, database, networks, and other devices as weapons for spreading cyber terrorism. Today, almost every sector of critical infrastructure is networked through computer systems and networks. All the sectors are accessible through the Internet and with the […]

Characteristics of Cyber Terrorism

Characteristics of Cyber Terrorism Following are the characteristics of Cyber Terrorism : 1. Minimal Resources Required 2. Anonymity 3. No Barriers 4. Enormous 5. Boundaryless 6. Wider Effect 7. Greater Potential 8. More Efficient Minimal Resources Required Cyber terrorism activities are less expensive to perform and less dangerous than traditional terrorist activities. Very few resources […]

What is cyber terrorism?
What is Cyber Terrorism? Factors of Cyber Terrorism

Cyber terrorism denotes unlawful attacks and threats of attack against, computers, networks, and information stored therein to intimidate or coerce a government or its people for propagating hidden political or unlawful social and religious agendas. What is Cyber Terrorism? Cyber terrorism is simply the use of computers and the Internet connectivity between them in order […]

global information infrastructure
What is Global Information Infrastructure – GII

Global Information Infrastructure (GII) can be defined as a seamless web of interactive communications being deployed at a world-wide level to provide the infrastructure for new services and activities based on the strategic use of all types information. Global Information Infrastructure refers to; the proposed worldwide infrastructure of governmental and non-governmental telecommunications and information technology […]

terrorist atrocities
Terrorist Atrocities

Dictionary meaning of atrocity is: “An extremely cruel, violent or shocking act”. Terrorist atrocities are activities that involve inhumanity, barbarity or even extreme violence. The fear generated by the realization that nearly any member of the target population could be a victim. Specific terrorist actions within terrorism campaigns, or aim at: Creating threats. Encouraging public […]

Role of Information Technology for Terrorists
Role of Information Technology for Terrorists

Role of Information Technology for Terrorists Information technology includes computers, hardware, software, data communications, telecommunications, database, peripherals networks, and other devices. The reliance of all the sectors of critical infrastructure on the IT sector for information creates an opportunity for cyber terrorism. The following points explain the role of Information technology for terrorists in cyber […]

types of cyber terrorism
Types of Cyber Terrorism – Privacy Violation

Types of Cyber Terrorism Following are the various Types of Cyber Terrorism : 1. Privacy Violation 2. Secret Information Appropriation and Data Theft 3. Demolition of e-Governance Base The aim of e-governance is to make the interaction of the citizens with the government offices hassle free and to share information in a free and transparent […]

7 Various Stages of a Cyber Attack
7 Various Stages of a Cyber Attack

7 Various Stages of a Cyber Attack:- Cyber attacks can range from installing Spyware on a computer to attempt to destroy the infrastructure of entire nations. 7 Various Stages of a Cyber Attack Following are the various stages of a cyber attack : 1. Reconnaissance 2. Weaponization 3. Delivery 4. Exploitation 5. Installation 6. Command and […]