Pin Code Week 2024: 5th to 21st January PCW

 Pin Code Week is celebrated every year from the 15th of January to the 21st of January to distribute the message about pin code importance.

Every document has a small rectangular box which again has six partitions to fill up the code number of the particular place.

This box is generally ignored by the people and left unfilled. This small box represents the steering wheel of the letter for the postal department.


PIN 2024 will take place from January 15 (Monday) to January 21 (Sunday).

What is a PIN code

The full form of the PIN is a Postal Index Number which is known by the name pin code or pin number. The PIN is a unique 6-digit number allocated to post offices.

It helps a lot in delivering mail all over India. This PIN indicates the actual address and guarantees that the letter should be attached.

How does it work?

To function very well in the pin system, the whole country was split into eight PIN zones. The States of the country is indicated by specific numbers and wise directions such as:

  1. Number 1 denotes the Northern pin jones like Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir.
  2. Number 2 denotes the other Northern pin jones like Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.
  3. Number 3 denotes the Western pin jones like Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  4. Number 4 denotes the other Western pin jones like Maharastra, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.
  5. Number 5 denotes the Southern pin jones like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  6. Number 6 denotes the other Southern pin jones like Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  7. Number 7 denotes the Eastern pin jones like Orissa, West Bengal, and North Eastern.
  8. Number 8 denotes the other Eastern pin jones like Bihar and Jharkhand.

Since the PIN code is a 6-digit number, the first digit indicates the PIN zones (states or regions), the second and third digits indicate the district (where the delivering post office is located), next three digits indicate the exact post office (where the letter is to be sent).

History of PIN code

 The system was fictitious for one public on the 1st of April 1774.
At that time there were only the 3 pins in the eastern and northern regions like Bengal. They were also present in the southern region as Madras. The attach Code system was launched for the availability of the people to take them a better way to give their goods or simply reach bureaucracy infew locations.

The government of India has made many laws and orders to focus on every activity by which people can be able to manage every task properly and correctly. It is better to stay in the right mode for making any task properly and smartly. For people to reach a new corner of society, they need every idea they can get.

One has to draw each task to be performed for their safety and essentialities.

It is pretty better to handle and tackle the missions in a much better way to manage connected tasks easily. Every task must be achieved by the government at the timeand all projects must be managed suitably.

One has to be able to get every knowledge of the Past for knowing future activities.

The government divided the PIN code into 8 areas through which it is very easy for people to find and look for many places within a time period.

 So Pin Code is used to develop a way for people to find and search the Location and Direction to make the people perform any work in the Company much faster and better.

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