World Post Day 2024 – Information, Date, Themes

World Post Day:- The celebration of World Post Day will be observed all over India on 9 October. World Post Day is celebrated every year on October 9th. This date is commemorated by the founding of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Berne, Switzerland.

It was declared World Post Day in 1969 by the UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan. The UPU has focused on a global communications revolution in order to enable people around the world to write to others. This day highlights the importance of postal services.

Instant global communication is so rooted in the modern world that we sometimes forget what an absolute miracle is. Think about it: with a few mouse clicks or trackpad, we can dictate a message and send it to almost everyone at the speed of light.

One of the best ways to celebrate this technological marvel is to celebrate World Post Day every year on October 9th. It’s the birthday of the Universal Postal Union. From this modest source, the communications revolution in the world has begun and continues to this day.

The objective of World Post Day

The objective of World Post Day is to raise public awareness of the role of postal services in the daily lives of people and their contribution to the social and economic development of the nation.

History of World Post Day

It was in 255 BC when the first known postal document was found in Egypt. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, bilateral postal agreements governed postal exchanges between countries. Until the 19th century, the network of bilateral agreements became so complex that it affected the commercial and economic development of the countries. It was now necessary to rationalize and simplify this at the international level.

In 1840, Sir Rowland Hill introduced in England a system requiring that letters be prepaid. Regardless of distance traveled, the same rates were calculated for all letters with a specific weight range in the domestic service. He also introduced the first postal stamp in the world.

In 1863, US Post General Montgomery Blair organized a conference in Paris. Delegates from 15 European and American countries joined forces and engaged in dialogue to define many general principles of mutual understanding. The disadvantage of this meeting was that nothing was planned for an international postal agreement.

In Bern (1874), Heinrich von Stephan, senior postmaster of the Confederation of Northern Germany, drafted an international postal union. On his proposal, the Swiss Government organized an international conference in Berne on September 15, 1874, attended by 22 nations and their representatives.

On October 9 of the same year, World Post Day was started with the creation of the General Postal Union. In 1878, his name was changed to Universal Postal Union.

The Treaty of Berne, signed in 1874, made it possible to unify the international postal services and the provisions relating to the transaction and exchange of letters in the same postal territory.

Celebration of the World Postal Day

Many postal employees offer much better quality postal services. The government has developed postal services to lighten people’s workload and allow them to occupy the longest seats.

For every postal service, it is very important to bring all the necessary things from the safe people to the desired location. As a result, postal services have to perform a lot of difficult tasks and important tasks and successfully transfer the things people need.

There are many countries where this type of postal service is provided to provide people with all types of facilities and services. There are countries like India, America, South Africa, London, Paris, etc. use postal services to make each service available to the population.

Many people are used to transferring many different types of values as well as non-precious items such as money, gold, silver, ornaments, clothing, rachis, and other items important to people.

Postal services take a lot of money away from those who want to move a lot of important things elsewhere.

Postal services are used to allow each person to offload many important activities from many important activities.

World Post Day is used to celebrate that people are developing many of the postal services for social and economic development.

The government is trying to bring together all kinds of ideas to focus on all of the subsequent development and provide people with many unknown facilities. The government is seeking to develop any type of postal service that will allow every citizen of every state and city to receive postal services.

The postman works many hours to provide all citizens with the service and opportunity to work for the well-being and improvement of people. It is very important that all people perform all the possible tasks.

Themes of the World Post Day

  • The World Post Day 2019 Theme is not yet.
  • The theme for 2018 was: “Imagine you are a letter traveling through time”
  • The theme for 2017 was: “Imagine being an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General. What world issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it? “
  • The theme for 2016 was “Innovation, Integration, and Inclusion”.
  • The theme for 2015 was “Tell us about the world you want to grow up in”.
  • Theme for 2014 was “Posts claims their place in the changing communication landscape” and “Write a letter describing how music can touch a life”.
  • The theme for 2013 was “The Post Delivering for People and Business Daily”.
  • The theme for 2012 was “Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympics mean to you”.
  • Theme for 2011 was “The Post, an invaluable public service”.

World Postal Day Quotes & Status

1. Without the services of our post offices, it would be difficult for the world to stay connected.

2. It is important to mail packages so they can get to their destinations even if those packages go to many places before getting where they are to reach.

3. Postal workers are willing to help people all day long if they have to. They know that the world needs to stay connected through the mail.

4. Postal workers will take care of the mail no matter what the weather is like in an area.

5. The rules associated with the post office will certainly vary but the services that are available will always be there for people to take advantage of.

6. The post office always sends things out to people to make it easier for everyone to stay in touch and to certainly be positive over how society is developing.

7. No one wants to wait at the post office but no one wants to be unheard. That’s what the post office is for as it links people to the rest of the world.

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