Anti Untouchability Week 2022 – Date, Objectives, Importance

Anti Untouchability Week 2022:- The celebration of Anti-Untouchability Week will be observed all over India from 2nd to 8th October 2022.

The Anti-Untouchability Week will be celebrated from October 2 to October 8 to increase awareness of cast based untouchability in society. Previously, untouchability was higher among high-caste people than low-caste people, meaning Dalits. Dalits were discriminated against and kept intact by members of the upper classes of society.

Anti-Untouchability Week is, therefore, the law passed by Parliament on 24 May 2011 to eliminate discriminatory feelings towards Dalits in society. The government must be a very necessary phenomenon to turn this country into a developed country by offering similar opportunities to residents of every category of Indian society.

Celebration of the Anti-Untouchability Week

The Indians were accustomed to celebrate the Untouchability Week, to draw attention to India’s Untouchability problems and to solve them with many good ideas for the rights of the Indians. The government has launched the famous Week of Untouchability, with the goal of ensuring that all people rebel against people who engage in many bad activities so as not to force people to touch necessary things or other people.

The British were given many of the cruel rights under which every Indian people suffered from many problems. The Anti-Untouchability Week is therefore used to persuade Indians to act in accordance with their rights and to be strong enough to destroy all the rules of the British.

The rules should be used for the benefit and improvement of people. Nobody should set bad rules, because that would ruin people’s lives and there would be no stability or discipline in the country. All Indians were used to focusing on the flexibility and comfort of Indians. They were treated like slaves and treated very badly by the British. They have not received the right justice and have also inflicted inequalities on the Indians.

All Indians were used to forging secretly better plans to secretly destroy the British. Many Indian heads of state secretly met for a secret meeting in many unknown places unknown to the British. They publish many articles and news to defeat all plans of the British. Indian heads of states seek to manage all activities that are difficult to manage and manage for all Indians. Some adherents of Indian leaders have previously saved many Indians, including farmers and others who have worked many hours in this country.

The British were able to develop the best activities to make all Indians happy. Many Indian leaders encourage many Indians and their followers to fight for the rights of all Indians. They learned to become strong and honest enough to send the British back from India. Many Indian leaders have also lent numerous loans to eliminate all negative rules and give the Indians all rights.

The British had imposed much more taxes on important goods that prevented all Indian citizens from paying all taxes and had no opportunity to feed properly. They did not receive sufficient resources for their well-being, such as food, water and other necessary things. It was therefore very important for every people to have a positive and positive attitude in order to find a suitable way to eliminate all the British from India. In order to focus on all parts of India, Indian leaders were blamed for the liberation of India from the British.

Main Objectives of a campaign against untouchability

1. The campaign was launched by Dalit civil society to raise awareness of Dalit rights among the government.

2. The campaign was organized to produce a productive outcome on the importance of Dalits right for the country’s development.

3. To raise awareness among different organizations by creating an effective environment for respecting the rights of the Dalits

5. To draw the attention of young people to Dalits’ rights to education, health, and economic rights so as to make them capable and independent.

6. Integrate society into the justice of people of all categories.

Importance of the Anti-Untouchability Week

The Anti-Untouchability Week is used by many people to celebrate the control of all immorality issues and convey all relevant knowledge about India. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar strives to tackle the problems of untouchability and solves the problem of untouchability by performing many types of work for the benefit of the people.

Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar was a national Indian leader who gave India the freedom of the British. Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar has taught many people to encourage them to return the British from India.

Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar was a great Indian leader who gave many people all sorts of ideas and knowledge about the cruel work of the British and their activities to make this country after the development of this country a country worthy of the name.

There were many Dalits known as the poor, who were not granted their rights and who were not allowed to touch anyone. The Dalits’ rights were not transferred to them and they were treated as slaves and have no right to touch their important and necessary things like food, water, etc. The British have completely ruined the Dalits by imposing undue rights on them.

Many campaigns have been conducted to persuade the population to abolish the laws of untouchability through anti-untouchability. Many governments have launched campaigns to eliminate all bad rules of untouchability. It was not easy for people to remove the laws of untouchability from people’s minds. It is therefore very useful that each people create a better environment to eventually manage everything needed to eliminate the invulnerability rules of the poor.

Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar strives to defend the rights of the Dalits. They manage and solve all problems in order to focus on every right and every chance of the people. It was very difficult for Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar to fight against the British to solve the problems of Dalit’s untouchability. There were many Indian heads of state that fought for the rights of the Dalits.

Anti-untouchability is used to raise people’s awareness of their own rights and to create a better environment for all young people and others. The Dalits were considered a very poor class people and they were used to punishing the British if they acted against their rule. Untouchability was the big problem in India and all Indian heads of state and government were used to remove the rule of untouchability. Many Indian leaders and their supporters have joined forces to eliminate the rule of untouchability.

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