World Food Day 2024 – History, Theme, How it is Celebrated

World Food Day:- World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16 to mark the beginning of a global step to eradicate hunger. It was created on the occasion of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. World Food Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries, including in the UN member countries. There are annual events around the world to celebrate this day.

This is one of the most celebrated days in the UN calendar, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The purpose of World Food Day is to educate people around the world about the current problem of world hunger and the right to safe, hygienic, and nutritious food, which is a fundamental necessity for all people.

11.3% of the world’s population is hungry. About 805 million malnourished people consume less than 2,100 calories per day.

In 2010, about 7.6 million children died – more than 20,000 per day. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of these deaths.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cuba, Georgia, Ghana, Kuwait, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, Thailand, and Venezuela are the ten countries that have most successfully lowered the total number of people suffering from hunger compared to their national population,

Nearly 98% of world hunger exists in underdeveloped countries. In developing countries, nearly every 15th child dies before the age of five, most of them due to hunger.

There are still 155 million children under the age of five worldwide who suffer from stunting.

History of the World Food Day

World Food Day is known for raising public awareness of hunger and encouraging the public to support efforts to eradicate world hunger. Food plays an important role in life. Many people fail and cannot guarantee when they will have their next meal, while others waste large amounts of food every day.

World Food Day is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The FAO was founded on October 16, 1945, with the aim of helping the world fight hunger and malnutrition. World Food Day was officially launched in 1979 and is today celebrated in more than 150 countries.

It is celebrated every year on the same day as the founding of the FAO on 16 October. Since 1981, every year a different topic has been adopted that corresponds to the current problems. The day is also warmly welcomed by organizations dealing with food security and insecurity.

Objectives of the World Food Day

  • Raise awareness of agricultural food production and encourage national, bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental efforts to that end;
  • Promoting economic and technical cooperation between developing countries;
  • Encouraging the participation of rural people, especially the least favored women, in decisions and activities that affect their living conditions;
  • Raise public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world;
  • Promoting technology transfer to developing countries; and
  • Strengthening international and national solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty, and highlighting achievements in the development of food and agriculture.

What do people do on World Food Day?

Many events take place around World Food Day. An extensive program will be organized on 16 October at the FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. The program is aimed at leaders of political and non-political organizations at all levels, as well as increasing press attention on current food supply issues.

Other United Nations organizations and universities around the world hold symposia, conferences, workshops, and presentations on specific topics related to the production, distribution, and safety of food. In addition, special initiatives such as “International Year of Rice” 2004 and “International Year of the Potato” 2008 were launched.

All over the world, numerous events are organized to raise public awareness of food supply and distribution issues and to raise funds to support food harvesting and distribution projects. Eat. One example is TeleFood, which finances microprojects to support smallholders at the grassroots level. Fundraising activities include sponsored sporting events, charity auctions, concerts, and marches.

How is World Food Day celebrated in India?

World Food Day was launched on the occasion of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. He is today considered the day of food technology. In India, this day marks the importance of agriculture and emphasizes that Indian production and consumption are safe and sound.

They opposed the introduction of genetically modified plants in India. The residents of Delhi celebrate the occasion at the Dastakar Mela Crafts Museum. They make Rangoli and play street games and affect genetic change.

World Food Day is an occasion for many non-volunteer organizations to highlight the importance of eating healthy foods and avoiding fast food in Indian cities. Volunteers also organize street games calling for public consultation on the BRAI Bill (India’s Biotech Regulatory Authority). This is one of the biggest threats to our food security, as it is proposed to encourage the introduction of genetically modified crops in India.

Themes of World Food Day 2022 has not yet been announced

  • 2018 Theme: “Our actions are our future, Ending world Hunger by 2030 is possible.”
  • 2017 Theme: “changing the future of migration, investing in food security and rural development”.
  • 2016 Theme: “Climate change: climate is changing, Food and agriculture too”.
  • 2015 Theme: “Social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty”.
  • 2014 Theme: ” Family Farming:” To feed the world, to protect the planet “.
  • 2013 Theme: “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”.
  • 2012 Theme: “Agricultural cooperatives are the key to feeding the world”.
  • 2011 Theme: “Food prices from the crisis to stability”.
  • 2010 Theme: “United against Hunger”.
  • 2009 Theme: “Achieving Food Security in Times of Crisis”.
  • 2008 Theme: “Global Food Security: The Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy”.
  • 2007 Theme: “The Right to Food”.
  • 2006 Theme: “Investing in agriculture for food security”.
  • 2005 Theme: “Agriculture and Intercultural Dialogue”.
  • 2004 Theme: “Biodiversity for Food Security”.
  • 2003 Theme: “Working together for an international alliance against hunger”.
  • 2002 Theme: “Water: the source of food security”.
  • 2001 Theme: “Fighting hunger to reduce poverty “.
  • 2000 Theme: “A millennium free from hunger”.


World Food Day Greetings Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

1. Together we can fight against hunger…. Together we can provide a better tomorrow to children by feeding them… Let us come together and promise ourselves to eradicate this evil by feeding the hungry. Warm wishes to you on World Food Day.

2. Food symbolizes love when words fail to define it….. Sending you warm wishes on World Food Day…. Enjoy food with happiness!!!

3. We must always respect the food we get because it is the blessing of God and love from someone who cares for us….. Happy World Food Day to you.

4. Blessed are those who get to enjoy three meals every day…. Let us thank God for blessing us with food….. A very Happy World Food Day to you.

5. Add a dash of spices to the lives of people around you by treating them with healthy and nutritious food so that they grow into healthier and fitter people… Let’s say NO to junk and always eat healthy. Wishing you a very Happy World Food Day.

World Food Day 2022 Poster Messages

10. You cannot understand the value of the food until you have stayed hungry…. Happy World Food Day.

11. Best days are those when you enjoy the best food on your plate.

12. Let us not forget to celebrate FOOD because that is the most important lifeline.

13. Celebration of FOOD is the biggest celebration as it celebrates life…. Happy World Food Day.

Slogans on World Food Day in English and Hindi

14. Jisne khaane ki izzat ki hai, bhagwan ne use hi khaane se navaza hai!!!

15. Best people in this world are those who live to eat…. Happy World Food Day.

16. Khaana khana bhi ek kala hai kyunki har koi khaane ka maza nahi loot sakta.

17. Some people don’t realize that they are wasting their time in insignificant things and ignoring their life i.e. FOOD!!!

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