World Heart Day 2024– Date, Themes, History, Quotes

 World Heart Day 2024:- World Heart Day, celebrated each year on September 30th, aims to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease, including prevention and global impact. In 1999, the World Heart Federation (WHF), together with the World Health Organization (WHO), announced the creation of World Heart Day.

The idea for this annual event was designed by Antoni Bayés de Luna, president of the WHF from 1997 to 1999. World Heart Day was celebrated on the last Sunday in September (until 2011) and the first celebration took place on 24th September 2000.

World Heart Day 2024

The celebration of World Heart Day will be observed all over India on 30th September 2024.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. In the early 2000s, approximately 17 million people worldwide died of cardiovascular disease each year.

The majority of these deaths were due to coronary heart disease or stroke. Although cardiovascular disease is often a disease of people living in developed countries, where sedentary activities are often practiced, more than 80% of deaths from these diseases occur in low and middle-income developing countries.

The main causes of cardiovascular disease – unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and smoking – are considered modifiable factors. Even in developing countries, which often lack effective health programs, the majority of these diseases can be prevented.

Cardiovascular disease also has a significant impact on countries’ economies due to the high costs of healthcare-associated with treatment and lost productivity due to disability and absence from work.

History of World Heart Day

World Heart Day was celebrated every year on the last Sunday in September since the year it was established until 2010. It is an effective event that was held in 2000 and has been planned every year since then by the World Heart Federation. Since 2011, each year is celebrated on the 29th of September.

The World Heart Federation and its members are actively involved in the festival to inform the public about the premature death of heart disease and its risk factors. Many members of the World Heart Federation, as well as nonprofit Primary and Global Organizations (Indian Heart Association), participated in this campaign. This campaign promotes many effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What is the reason behind Celebrating the day?

World Heart Day is celebrated around the world to reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease worldwide. This is an international public awareness campaign to save and motivate him to live a healthy life. According to the WHO, around 30% of all deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular disease.

Some of the most dangerous risk factors for heart disease and strokes include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, smoking, bad diet, fruits and vegetables, weight gain, and obesity.

This motivates participation and knowledge acquisition, passing suitable cardiac examinations, and lifelong adherence to other control measures. It is a perfect day when many people promise to stop, participate in daily physical activity, eat healthily, etc to keep their heart in good condition.

This is a day when people notice overeating, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, poor lifestyle, etc., and cause heartache. This encourages people to prevent and control heart problems through a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

The main goal of World Heart Day is to improve heart health by encouraging people to change their lifestyles and enhance their well-being knowledge. The WHO aims to reduce the non-communicable disease mortality rate by 2025 by reducing the number of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Celebration of World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated around the world every year by organizing a series of events and activities related to cardiovascular health to raise public awareness. The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to actively engage in a variety of actions to make this campaign a success and rid the world of heart disease.

People can be busy celebrating in different ways, such as For example, to plan their own way of sharing healthy heart selfies on Facebook, Twitter pages, and other social networking sites, improving the campaign, and monitoring the website regularly of the World Heart Association frequently for recent Updates and Information.

The  Federation also organizes awareness-raising events in over 100 countries. These include health checks, sporting events such as walks, running and fitness, public lectures and scientific forums, live performances, concerts, and exhibitions.

In addition, the day is encouraging health professionals, medical associations, policymakers, patients, organizations, and other healthy people to take an active part in the campaign to reduce the fear of heart disease and strokes. People show their support by organizing their own events and activities that benefit the healthy heart.

Themes of World Heart Day

The theme for 2024 is “Use Heart for Every Heart

World Heart Day Quotes

1. A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

2. Do what it takes to start, to have a healthy heart.

3. Have a healthy heart, don’t delay or else you might live in dismay.

4. Get to the heart of the about Heart Health.

5. To feel good from your head to your feet keep a healthy heartbeat.

6. We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today.

7. Keep the heart pumping so your mother won’t be thumping.

8. 29 September is #WorldHeartDay. The day the world joins the fight against the world’s biggest killer, cardiovascular disease.

9. Come and join us! Today we are celebrating #WorldHeartDay to encourage people to take action for the good of their heart health.

10. We need you! Today we’re celebrating #WorldHeartDay across the globe. Come and join us to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease!

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