World Deaf Day 2024 – Date, Importance, Activities, Objectives

World Deaf Day is celebrated every year last Sunday in September to draw the attention of the public, political organizations, and development agencies to the achievements of the deaf and deaf community.

People must participate in the celebration of World Deaf Day, widening the path of growth and development through new technologies, and offering deaf people a variety of ways to change their way of life. It is celebrated with gatherings, seminars and various awareness campaigns for the deaf, including fun events.

What are the objectives of World Deaf Day?

  • To promote understanding of deaf issues in the community
  • Promote the fundamental rights of deaf people in terms of equal access to education and modern technologies

History of World Deaf Day:

Granville Richard Seymour Redmond (born in 1871 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) became deaf in his early childhood because of scarlet fever. He was very well supported by his family and had studied at a specialized school and was the owner of natural artistic talents spread throughout the world.

He has also learned painting, drawing, and pantomime at California’s famed California School of Design. Granville Richard Seymour Redmond was as talented as a normal person. For this reason, World Deaf Day around the world is for the deaf and deaf, for their better health, better lives, self-esteem, nationality, education, and work.


The Purpose of World Deaf Day

The International Day of the Deaf aims to promote a better and healthier life, respectability, self-esteem, education and work for the deaf.

The aim is also to raise the awareness of the public and concerned authorities of the concerns and problems, as well as the achievements of the deaf.


He who threatens us will find us deaf to his threats. We are willing to listen only to rational arguments.- Menachem Begin


How important is World Deaf Day?

There are many people who live without hearing and who are therefore considered deaf. There are nearly 70 lakh deaf people living in the world. More than 80 percent of the 70 lakh deaf people live in many developing countries.  The WFD, known as the World Association of the Deaf, provides the deaf with many facilities and services to help them listen easily.

There are many schools and colleges that have been founded by deaf people to provide them with the help of sign language training like ordinary people. There are many types of training, as well as government-run deaf schools to teach the deaf to better communicate with people.

It is therefore important for the deaf to go to training camps and deaf schools to acquire all the knowledge of the deaf. It is very important to attend many deaf events to inform them about activities and possible treatments for the deaf.

How to celebrate world Deaf Day?

Government schools and colleges are hosting a growing number of events for students.

People using this type of hearing aid clearly hear all the distances and focus on many hearing activities.

Deaf people are enjoying many of the events they have organized. It is very important that every deaf person adopts a positive attitude in order to become a normal human being by receiving appropriate treatment and by curing the problem of the deaf.

Therefore, it is very beneficial for deaf people to focus on their deafness and to solve the problem of deafness of many hearing aids developed by the government in order to make deaf People hear.

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