World Hemophilia Day 2022 – World Federation of Hemophilia Day

World Hemophilia Day is watched each year on the 17th of April around the world. It has been assessed that around the world just 440,000 individuals experience the ill effects of Hemophilia, in this manner not very many individuals know about this illness.

The day is recognized to bring issues to light for haemophilia and various other draining issues. World Hemophilia Day offers a chance to address companions, family, associates and the overseers of the influenced patients for bringing issues to light and expanding support for them.

World Hemophilia Day 2022


April 17, 2022, is the 32nd anniversary of World Hemophilia Day! The longevity of this celebration is proof of the dedication and tight-knit nature of our community.

History of World Hemophilia Day

The Celebration of the World Hemophilia Day started in 1989 and 17th of April was chosen as the date to respect the birthday of the originator of World Federation of Hemophilia, Frank Schnabel. Hemophilia is a sort of hereditary issue that disables the capacity of people to control the blood coagulating (which is used to end draining when the veins are cracked).

A most well-known type of this issue is Hemophilia A, which is found in 1 out of 5000-10000 births of guys and Hemophilia B, which is available in 1 out of 20000-35000 births of guys. Straight to the point, Schnabel established the World Federation of Hemophilia in the time of 1963 with central command in Montreal, Canada. By and by, there are 113 nations that are individuals from this association and its present president is Alain Weill.

Why Be Celebrate World Hemophilia Day

The primary point of World Hemophilia Day is to bring issues to light of the condition and focus on comprehension and this issue to the more extensive open. The day is seen to be an appreciation day for the illness and it additionally serves to pull in volunteers and raise reserves for the World Federation of Hemophilia.

World Federation of Hemophilia is a non-benefit element which is devoted to enhancing the lives of individuals who are experiencing hemophilia and other alike hereditary draining issue. It instructs the halls and hemophiliacs for improved restorative treatment.

How to Celebrated World Hemophilia Day

Since 1989, World Hemophilia Day is commended crosswise over various nations to raise comprehension and familiarity with hemophilia and another connected draining issue.

Numerous individuals are urged to get engaged with mindfulness raising efforts and a wide exhibit of exercises that are sorted out for the day, to inform the overall population concerning the state of hemophilia.

Anyone can get engaged with the exercises, yet for the most part workers of different wellbeing, associations take an interest in the occasion.

The representatives of wellbeing associations alongside the patient gatherings overall direct media occasions, mindfulness battles and different exercises to instruct individuals who are experiencing hemophilia and in addition the overall population about the draining issue and to feature the embodiment of legitimate care.

The issue with this sort of disease is that numerous individuals get disgraceful treatment or once in a while no treatment by any stretch of the imagination. Just about 1 individual out of each 10000 has a draining issue and requires important treatment.

Making mindfulness advantages such as individuals and enable them to recognize the noteworthiness of its treatment. The crusades were embraced on the day help in enhancing the present strategies of treatment for Hemophilia and make the world a more beneficial and a superior place to live in.

Some of the examples of events held in recent years across the world are as follows:


World Hemophilia Day is also celebrated in Australia to spread awareness about Hemophilia. More than 5,600 people of Australia are diagnosed with bleeding disorders which could be life-threatening.

Hemophilia Foundation of Australia joins the global community for bleeding disorders to mark the day. In Sydney, Sydney Cricket Ground turns its lights red to support the World Hemophilia Day along with various other landmarks across the whole of Australia.

In 2017, players of Sydney Swans- George Hewett and Sam Reid had worn a red tie to showcase their support for people suffering from bleeding disorders. The tie signifies the blood that unites the community. Apart from the players, common people also showed their support in different ways to mark the importance of the day.


World Hemophilia Day is promoted by the World Federation of Hemophilia, Canadian Hemophilia Society and its provincial chapters in Canada. There is more than one person in 100 Canadians who carry an inborn bleeding disorder and more than 30,000 patients have symptoms that are very critical and require extreme medical care.

In Canada, World Hemophilia Day is celebrated in the form of various awareness activities. Events are held in schools by dynamic young boys with hemophilia to increase awareness about their problems. To highlight the day, an awareness table is also arranged in the hall of the building of Parliament. Volunteers and staff of various health organizations talk about the disease to common people, raise funds and distribute materials regarding the cause.


In Europe, the European Hemophilia Consortium organizes events to celebrate World Hemophilia Day. The events are held to help the communities of hemophilia around the world to make their voice heard on current and pressing issues. The celebrations are in line with the theme of the prevailing year as announced by the World Federation of Hemophilia.

The hemophilia community joins hands with other organizations to demand from the government of Europe about the implementation of effective strategies for the eradication of the disease in Europe. The European Hemophilia Consortium also emphasizes on the situation of a geographical lottery of the treatment of hemophilia patients which is not acceptable and that they need to do better for the patients. It also focuses on care to be provided for the elder hemophilic patients.

In Ukraine, it was estimated that around three thousand people in the state suffered from a bleeding disorder. Thus, World Hemophilia Day, 2017 was celebrated in the state by distributing high-quality European medicines to patients with Hemophilia.


World Hemophilia Day is celebrated to honour the birthday of the founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia, Frank Schnabel. In India, the event is celebrated in various states in the form of several activities undertaken by groups of people.

Indian Hemophilia Foundation, New Delhi in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare also initiates to celebrate the day, where health officials from different states and medical fraternities from all over India participate in the event.

The program is held to update all the decision-makers at the national and the state level about the sufferings and disorder of the hemophilia community. It is organized to focus on the lack of facilities and government support and the measures on how they can be upgraded and improved.

Apart from this, certain organizations and schools organize special events on the day with the red theme to spread knowledge about the day.

What is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is essentially a natural draining issue wherein a man is inadequate in or experiences low levels of particular proteins known as ‘clotting factors’. Thus, blood can’t cluster in a legitimate way. This causes unnecessary deaths.

There are 13 sorts of thickening variables and they work with platelets for helping the blood is coagulating. Individuals who have this infection drain effectively and their blood take a more extended period to clump. Hemophilia has three structures in particular Hemophilia A, B and C.

Out of these, Hemophilia An is the most widely recognized. The state of Hemophilia can’t be cured yet it can be dealt with to diminish side effects and turn away the future intricacies of wellbeing.

Side effects of Hemophilia rely on the seriousness of the patient’s factor lack. Patients with gentle inadequacy can seep in circumstances of the injury. Patients with extreme lacks can seep with no reason which is known as ‘unconstrained dying’.

Such draining may cause blood in the stool, blood in the pee, unexplained and extensive wounds, profound wounds, draining gums, joint agony, overabundance dying, tight joint, visit seeping in nose and crabbiness in kids. Hemophilia additionally shows manifestations that are great basic and constitute medicinal crises.

On the off chance that a man encounters any of the side effects like consistent seeping in damage, neck torment, outrageous migraine, twofold or obscured vision, rehashed heaving or extraordinary tiredness, he should quickly get a treatment.

Hemophilia is an inherent issue, implies it is gone through families. It is caused by an insufficiency in a quality which settles on how the human body will make factors VII, IX or XI. The qualities are found on the X chromosome, which makes hemophilia an illness or X-connected latent.

Hemophilia A can be treated with the assistance of a therapeutic expert by a remedy hormone. Such hormone is known as desmopressin which is given as an infusion in the patient’s vein. The drug capacities by fortifying the variables which are responsible for blood coagulating process.

For the treatment of Hemophilia B, your specialist may inject your blood with the thickening variables of a giver. For the treatment of Hemophilia C, your specialist may help you with plasma imbuement which attempts to stop down lavish dying.

The patient can likewise visit a physiotherapist for recovery if his joints are harmed because of the infection.

World Federation of Hemophilia Day

World Federation of Hemophilia is a worldwide non-benefit partnership which is devoted to enhancing the lives of individuals experiencing Hemophilia and another innate draining issue. It teaches halls and hemophiliacs on the enhanced medicinal treatment.

World Federation of Hemophilia was established in the year 1963 by Frank Schnabel with the central station in Montreal, Canada. By and by, 113 nations are individuals from the association and it is authoritatively perceived by the World Health Organization. A current leader of the association is Alain Weill.

The Theme of World Federation of Hemophilia

The campaign encourages women to take part in the conversation and share their stories on how hemophilia has affected their lives for others to learn about this condition. Following themes of previous years are given below:

    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day in 2020 is “Get+involved”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day in 2019 was “Outreach and Identification”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2018 was “SHARING KNOWLEDGE MAKES US STRONGER”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2017 was “Hear their voices”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2016 was “Treatment for All, The Vision of All”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2010 was “The Many Faces of Bleeding Disorders – United to Achieve Treatment for All”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2009 was “Together, We Care”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2008 was “Count Me In”.
    • The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2007 was  “Improve Your Life!”.

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