Company Wide Disaster Planning

Company Wide Disaster Planning:- Today, information technology is used for almost all the activities in an organization. All the departments of an organization are dependent on the IT  department. So, a company-wide disaster planning is essential to protect the critical information stored in the system as well as other business processes.

Planning is a senior management function and cannot succeed without top-level support. Recognition of the need for such a plan must be present at an early stage, no matter who stimulates this awareness.

Company Wide Disaster Planning

A written authorization statement makes management’s support for the disaster planning process clear to all employees. A disaster plan maps out the process of resuming normal business operations, reconstructing or salvaging vital and other important records and equipment, and becomes a guide for all managers and employees during and after a disaster.

The plan must spell out the titles and functions of each team member involved in the disaster recovery process. It must include specific methods for contacting team members and alternatives, vendors, support agencies, suppliers, consultants and all those with who special disaster contracts and agreements are in effect.

Generally, the following company-wide approach is used for dealing with the disasters:

  • Preventive measures are used which are aimed at protecting the data and information systems.
  • Detective measures are used which are aimed at detecting the unexpected events.
  • Corrective measure is used which are aimed at resorting the data and information systems.
  • Backup and recovery plans are used to obtain and maintain a mirror image of data, information systems, and business processes.
  • Replications strategies are used to ensure data security.
  • Updates and patches are used to ensure data security.

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