Types of Cyber Terrorism – Privacy Violation

Types of Cyber Terrorism
Following are the various Types of Cyber Terrorism :
1. Privacy Violation

2. Secret Information Appropriation and Data Theft

3. Demolition of e-Governance Base

The aim of e-governance is to make the interaction of the citizens with the government offices hassle free and to share information in a free and transparent manner. It further makes the right to information a meaningful reality. In a democracy, people govern themselves and they cannot govern themselves properly unless they are aware of social, political, economic and other issues confronting them.

4. Distributed Denial of Services Attack

The cyber terrorists may also use the method of distributed denial of services (DDoS) to overburden the Government and its agency’s electronic bases. This is made possible by first infecting several unprotected computers by way of virus attacks and then taking control of them. Once the control is obtained, they can be manipulated from any locality by the terrorists.

5. Networks Damage and Disruptions

The main aim of cyber terrorist activities is to cause networks damage and their disruptions. This activity may divert the attention of the agencies for the time being giving the terrorists extra time and makes their task comparatively easier. This process may involve a combination of computer tampering, virus attacks, hacking, etc.


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