Role of Information Technology for Terrorists

Role of Information Technology for Terrorists
Information technology includes computers, hardware, software, data communications, telecommunications, database, peripherals networks, and other devices. The reliance of all the sectors of critical infrastructure on the IT sector for information creates an opportunity for cyber terrorism.

The following points explain the role of Information technology for terrorists in cyber terrorism :

  • Terrorists use elements of Information Technology for coordinating their attacks. With the help of the Internet, members of the terrorist organizations communicate with each other at a very low cost.
  • They use the Internet as the medium to prepare their plans and terrorize the minds of citizens. Internet facilities the meetings of like-minded people in a safe way, these meetings result into the creation of new terrorist groups.
  • Terrorists use modern Information Technology for internal communication, coordination, recruitment, information gathering, raising funds and spreading propaganda. They also spread misinformation through the Internet.
  • Terrorist activities such as hacking computer systems programming viruses and worms, web pages attack, conducting denial of service attacks, or conducting terrorist attacks through electronic communication are facilitated by Information Technology.
  • Terrorists use encryption programs for scrambling their messages. A lot of encryption programs are available for free on the Internet.
  • Cyber terrorists also use modern communication tools such as chat room, instant messaging, blogs, audio, video, and discussion forums for planning and coordinating an attack.
  • Terrorists require information for planning and the information can be easily acquired through the Internet, as people are dependent on IT for personal and professional activities.
  • With the help of Information Technology, all the barriers such as time, geographical and structural barriers can be eliminated very easily.

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