World Ocean Day 8 June, 2024 | History and Theme

World Ocean Day 2024:- World Ocean Day has been celebrated every year since June 8, 2024, to raise global awareness of the challenges of the international community.

World Oceans Day offers a unique opportunity not only to honor but also to preserve and protect our oceans. Every year on June 8, we want to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean in our lives and its protection.

It is an individual duty to participate and contribute to the protection and preservation of our common ocean. It is therefore desirable to meet with our family, friends, and community to create a better future for our planet.

The oceans are the lungs of our planet provide oxygen for respiration, are the main source of food and medicine, and an essential part of the biosphere. We know that the third part of our earth is full of water. It is our responsibility to protect our ocean and marine life from the threat of global warming.

There is no doubt that World Maritime Day is a crucial step by the Ocean Project and the World Oceans Network to maintain the balance of water and life on Earth.

The theme of 2024 is “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.”

History of the World Ocean Day

The Canadian government proposed the concept of World Maritime Day at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. World Sea Day was officially established in 2008 by the United Nations General Assembly, celebrated annually around the world on June 8th to save oceans and seawater.

Thanks to the collaboration of The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network, the celebration began on an international scale.

To help the organizers of the event, a central website was set up in 2003. Every year new tools and resources are developed for organizations and individuals that can be used free of charge or at will.

In order to involve more young people in the campaign and save seawater, the messages are spread via social media. The information, materials, and resources provided on this website are free of charge to individuals or organizations celebrating World Maritime Day to create a healthier ocean and a better future.


How is World Ocean Day changing to World Oceans Day?

The addition of “s” to Ocean. This is because Ocean Project recognizes that there is a global ocean that connects us all. And in one ocean there are five different oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.


Why is World Oceans Day celebrated?

World Oceans Day is celebrated every year with the goal of saving the oceans and honoring the creatures of the oceans for maintaining the balance of life on Earth.

The daily increase in the human population and modern advanced technologies combined with many by-products are the main reasons for the deterioration of the oceans.

Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have been working together for years on this project to save the ocean. They encouraged more than 1,600 marine conservation organizations around the world to work together on this project to restore the state of the oceans more effectively and quickly.

They have launched several effective awareness campaigns such as beach cleaning, art competitions, education programs, sustainable seafood events, discussion events, and more.

The first celebration of World’s Day highlighted the variety of ways in which society can save the oceans. It provides an opportunity to understand all the challenges of global climate regulation in order to preserve the good ecosystem and livelihood of the human being.

The protection of the oceans is highlighted by unique themes at annual celebrations. Through many activities, people become aware of the importance of the oceans. People are motivated to conserve all water resources such as rivers, ponds, etc.

Some of the goals are listed below:

  • Encourage the public to change their attitudes by encouraging them to understand the need and importance of the oceans in their daily lives.
  • Encourage people to learn about important marine life and its role in maintaining the ecosystem cycle.
  • Promote the protection of the oceans around the world by encouraging everyone to become a good steward of the oceans and other water resources.


Importance of the ocean

– Oceans are the cornerstone of planet Earth and humanity.

– The ocean holds 97% of the water on our planet.

– They produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb most of the carbon.

– Ocean offers a good selection of goods and services that are critical to our health, our economy and our climate, such as B. fishing, shipping routes, etc.

– Oceans are an integral part of our water cycle.

– The ocean controls temperature and weather by absorbing more than half of the sun’s heat reaching the earth.

– Marine plants, like all other terrestrial animals, produce half of the oxygen we breathe.

– The ocean is the main source of protein for more than a billion people.

– The ocean is home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet.

– A sea is a place for swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, etc.

– The ocean provides jobs for fishermen, lifeguards, surf instructors, harbors, diving schools (free), tour operators at sea, water sports companies, vacation homes, and sailors.


The theme of World Ocean Day 2024

  • The theme of 2024 is “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing”.
  • The theme of 2023 is Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.
  • The theme of 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”.
  • The theme of 2019 was “Gender and Oceans”.
  • The theme of 2018 was “Preventing Plastic Pollution and Promoting Healthy Ocean Solutions”.
  • The theme of 2017 was “Our Oceans, Our Future”.
  • The theme of 2016 was “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet”.
  • The theme of 2015 was “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet”.
  • The theme of 2014 was “Together we have the strength to protect the ocean”.
  • The theme of 2013 was “Together we have the power to protect the ocean”.
  • The theme of 2012 was “Youth: The Next Wave of Change”.
  • The theme of 2011 was “Youth: The Next Wave of Change”.
  • The theme of 2010 was “Oceans of Life: Choose Your Preferred Site * Protect Your Preferred Site”.
  • The theme of 2009 was “Our oceans, our responsibility” and “An ocean, one climate, one future”.

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