International Day for Tolerance and Peace 2022

International Day for Tolerance and Peace:- The International Day for Tolerance is an annual observance declared by UNESCO in 1995 to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance. It is observed on 16 November.

International Day for Tolerance and Peace – 2022 will be celebrated on Wednesday, on the 16th of November.

How it Should be Promoted More Effectively

Fighting intolerance requires access to law, education, information, individual awareness and some local solutions to prevent it from being global. The year 1995 was chosen by the UNESCO to mark the year for tolerance as well as the 125th birthday anniversary of the Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi to promote the tolerance and non-violence.

The worldwide campaign of tolerance and non-violence has been launched by the UNESCO in the year 1995 to make it more the tolerance and trust effective for all groups of people of diverse communities.

To effectively promote tolerance there is need to educate youths of the world about tolerance, human rights as well as their fundamental freedoms not only in the schools but also at home by parents, law-makers, offices, etc. Variety of debate activities on tolerance by people of all communities are taking place worldwide.

Tolerance is a wonderful instrument which can lead people of diverse culture and religion to get their ultimate objectives of living together peacefully and harmoniously.

Why it requires being Celebrated Annually

16th of November has been fixed as an annual occasion to celebrate as an international day for tolerance and peace for tolerance education as well as make aware the people socially and politically through a debate over the local and international problems of the intolerance.

A new campaign is launched every year on this occasion to close the remaining gaps of intolerance. The worldwide general public should be aware of the dangers of intolerance, acts of intolerance, terrorism, violence, racism, etc which have affected the national, linguistic minorities, ethnic, migrant workers, religious, refugees, and immigrants. Intolerance is observed as the big hazard to peace and democracy as well as a barrier to the development.

Celebrating 16th November as an International Day for Tolerance every year is a great reminder to the people worldwide about the dignity and value of human being. It also encourages people to live peacefully. It offers more opportunity to evaluate the progress of the whole year as well as highlight the areas required more awareness to make this world more tolerant and peaceful.

Purpose of Celebrating International Day for Tolerance and Peace

  • It is celebrated annually to enhance awareness about the dangers of intolerance and its implications in maintaining peace among people.
  • To promote more tolerance worldwide as it plays a crucial role in promoting peace, preventing and mitigating the conflict.
  • To make people more tolerant and nonviolent in their daily lives.

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