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National Epilepsy Day:- Epilepsy is one of the oldest diseases in India, even the superstitious people of the new age also consider the wrath of goddesses or magic. In such a situation, the problem of the patient increases rather than decreasing. If seen in a logical manner, epilepsy is usually a mental illness, which is now easily available for treatment.

On November 17, the national epileptic day is celebrated throughout the country and people are made aware of this, to reach this information to the people. If you talk in doctoral language, epilepsy is a brain-related nervous disorder, which is called neurological disorder in medical science. In this sequence, the disease is also known as Epilepsy and National Epilepsy Day, Health is wealth.

Usually, the patient has a 30-second to 2-minute attack, during which the patient is in a state of unconsciousness by losing his sweetheart. In it, losing its balance of mind, its effect is visible only on any part of the body, such as on face, hands or feet! It is normal for the patient to become unconscious, tooth whitening, to have a body twist, to have a feather in his pores.

At such times the patient needs immediate treatment. Many people smell the patient ‘dirty socks’ at such a time, which is a totally wrong procedure, but at such times the patient needs immediate treatment.

National Epilepsy Day | National Health Portal Of India

According to the data of the total number of patients, according to World Health Organization (WHO) data, 5 million people are suffering from this disease even today, in which 20 percent of the patients are in India. Talk about the identity of the patient, if someone has visited twice, then he may be a patient with epilepsy.

In this sequence, some people also believe that eating green leafy vegetables such as pork, beef and spinach and cabbage are worn by the worm in the brain, which can cause epilepsy, but this assumption is completely false. is. If seen, there are signs of a tumor, TB, and arteries in the brain, which are caused by fever, proper brain development, brain injury, infection in brain and tumor in the children. In this regard, experts say that “Electric activity continues in our brain, but when this activity or electric discharge increases, there is a problem of shock or unconsciousness.”

In this regard, it should be understood that if someone encounters seizures, but still feels that he does not have the disease of National Epilepsy Day, then the patient is diagnosed with MRI, whistle Can perform tests like scans. Through this, the internal activities of the brain can be seen, making it easier to confirm the disease.

If the symptoms of epilepsy are discussed then the taste of the patient’s mouth changes, there is also a pain in the eyes, as well as the staining, and there may also be a flutter in the muscles. Not only this, the symptoms of hand-foot fighting, jaw drops, and urination are also common in it. The interesting thing is that many times the patient forgets what his tour is going to be, and if you ask him later, he will refuse to deny that he also had a visit!

The most common thing in epilepsy is to be unconscious. Many times people do not even know about epilepsy, for which it has to be tested in idiopathic epilepsy. Some people also have this National Epilepsy Day, Health is wealth, but the relief is that now it is possible to treat and every single patient should go for treatment without any hesitation. Many patients deliberately hide their diseases, which later become fatal for themselves.

If 60-70% of patients are treated with medication, 30% have to undergo surgery to cure patients. After taking 3 years of medication for most patients, this disease always gets closed or controlled, but many patients need to take medicines throughout life. Obviously, in this case, the regular advice of doctor’s advice is beneficial. It should be noted here that if a patient encounters a tour, do not panic at all.

Rather, instead of controlling the patient, if an object is lying around it so that it can cause harm, then remove it from there. In this case, the patient’s clothing should be loose. In this case, lay the patient on one side, so that any kind of fluid coming out of his mouth can safely come out. Due to the fear of getting out of the tongue, do not leave anything in his mouth, then do not leave the patient alone, otherwise, he can harm himself. Keep some comfortable things under her head and let her relax or sleep.

It is very important that the patient regularly takes the medicine according to the advice of the patient, even after being normal. The most important thing in this disease is that the patient should not consume any addictive substance because its consumption increases the chances of a stroke.

There is no unusual thing in this disease and it is similar to the other diseases, but some people make it a cause for discrimination, like a girl’s marriage starts to complicate, but according to the doctors, nothing in it If there is no problem, then the law also strictly opposes discrimination. Let’s say that South Africa’s cricketer who is called World’s Best Fielder, has been suffering from Junky Rhythms epilepsy Day, Health is wealth, but he has been the best in his field throughout the world.

Likewise, despite epilepsy, Tony Gregg can texts from the field of cricket to the commentary box, then any common man can easily fight it. Just need the right information and treatment at the right time. And yes, the care and support of the patient cannot be bigger than any weapon, because it gives him mental strength and his strength to fight diseases doubles. Let us, on this National Epilepsy Day, express our resolve to take care of patients suffering from this disease, and by this, our country may be free of epilepsy.

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