World Cancer Day 2024, 4th February- Full Information

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of February to commemorate all the efforts done by the WHO, and governmental and non-governmental health organizations towards making the strategy to fight against cancer as well as distributing the real message about this epidemic disease and its treatments including its precautionary measures by uniting all the people a day on a global basis.

It is distinguished to plan some new procedures as well as implement a few new programs which help to knowledge more people about this ailmentThis event is systematized on an annual basis under the project of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and other superior health arrangings complicated in cancerfighting.


World Cancer Day party was planned in Geneva, Switzerland in 1933 under the management of  UICC  and with the support of miscellaneous different well-known organizations, research institutes, treatment centers, and patient  groupsThe occurrence was founded to accomplish all the needs to be in a dispute or fight and control this deadly  affliction.

The day was planned to start its annual festival to save heaps of lives from cancer as well as teach people to check its manifestationsfollow preventive measuresand save saved from the risk of this epidemic affliction.

The daythe 4th of February was established particularly to raise cancer knowledge among peopleeducating

them about healthy dietcommon and proper physical activityand communicating how to get obviate environmental carcinogens.


To spread special messages about cancer awareness and its prevention, leading health organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations, take part by organizing camps, awareness programs, rallies, lectures, seminars and etc. 

According to the report, people (of the low and middle-income group) with various types of cancer and death ratios per year are liver cancer/6,10,000, lung cancer/1.3 million, colorectal cancer/6,39,000, stomach cancer/8,03,000, breast cancer/5,19,000 and etc.

The purpose of the occurrence celebration is to inform people about cancer-related risk factors, such as tobacco use, overweight, obesity, low fruit or legume consumption, inactivity, alcohol use, the transmission of HPV infection during sexual contact, air pollution in cities, household smoke, genetic risk factors, and exposure to the brightest stars, among others.

People are also getting aware of the vaccination method against the human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus.


People celebrate the occurrence of cancer to make people aware of the risk factors and preventive measures for cancer prevention. The day also aims to shatter social myths associated with cancer.


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A variety of events are organized on this day to show people that the person with cancer should not be treated separately, they should have equal rights to live like normal people in society and any relation should not be changed for them must feel self-respect and find a normal environment in their home and society.

The normal person should avoid sharing their unsuccessful stories as it may make their pain and fear intolerable. They should make them feel energetic and self-confident in order to defeat cancer or make their journey easy and happy.

According to the statistics, it has been noted that most of the cancer cases and cancer deaths (47% and 55% respectively) occur in less developed areas of the world. 

People promoted healthy lifestyles, balanced diets, and regular physical activity to reduce the risk of the occurrence of cancers.



  • Generally, people think that cancer tissues are just health issues however it is not.
  • It is a global epidemic disease that can affect all age groups.
  • Common people think that suffering from cancer is just like a punishment, however, most types of cancer are now well-treatable.


  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2007 was “Today’s children, tomorrow’s world”.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2008 was “give children and young people a smoke-free environment “.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2009 was “I love my healthy active childhood”.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2010 was “Vaccinating to prevent virus-related liver cancers “.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2011 was “Teaching Children and Teenagers to limit their sun exposure by being SunSmart!”.
  • The theme of the World Cancer Day 2012 was “Together it is possible”.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2013 was “Cancer – Did you know?”.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2014 was “Debunk the Myths”.
  • The theme of the World Cancer Day 2015 was “Not beyond us”.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2016, 2017, and 2018 was “We can. I can.”
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2019, 2020, and 2021 is “I Am and I Will.
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2022 is Realising the problem”
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2023 is Uniting our voices and taking action”
  • The theme of World Cancer Day 2024 is “Close the Care Gap”

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