Navy Day 2024 : India (December 04)

Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on December 4th across the country. It is celebrated in memory of the victory of the Indian Navy over the Pakistani Navy in the 1971 war.
Navy Day

‘Operation Trident:

Operation Trident had been planned under the leadership of Navy Chief Admiral SM Nanda. The responsibility of this task was given to the 25th Squadron Commander Babru Bhan Yadav. On December 04, 1971, the first attacked the Pakistan Navy Headquarters in Karachi. Many ships, including the ammunition supply ship, were destroyed. Meanwhile, the oil tanker of Pakistan was also devastated. The flames in the Karachi oil depot could also be seen from a distance of 60 kilometers. The fire in Karachi’s oil depot could not be extinguished for seven days and seven nights.

History of the Indian Navy:

The navy is a part of the Indian Army, which is commanded by the Home Ministry. Admiral Sunil Lamba, the current president of the Indian Navy. The headquarters of the Navy is in the National Capital, Delhi.

The Navy expanded during World War II and the number of officers and soldiers reached around 30,000. At present, the Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world, with several soldiers is 79,000.

Naval Day Ceremony:

Naval Day celebrations are organized by the Eastern Naval Command in Visakhapatnam. On the day, after submitting a wreath in memory of the martyred navy, the submarine vessel, the vessel, performs spectacularly, which includes a large number of local people.

Vessel involved in the Indian fleet
Aircraft carrier: Vikramaditya, Virat
Destroyer / Destroyer: Delhi Category, Rajput Division, Kolkata Category
Frigate: Shivalik Category- Shivalik, Satpura, Sahyadri.
Swords Category: Sword, Trident, Tuber, Teg, Quiver, Triangle
Brahmaputra Category: Brahmaputra, Beas, Betwa
Godavari Category: The Godavari, Gomti, Ganga
Eucalyptus category (Lender).
Kora Category: Kora, Kirch, Kushish, Karmuk
Khuki Category: Kirpan, Kahar, Khandhar, Khuki.
Heroic range: brave, fearless, handling, disassociated, dehydrated, vibhuti, copious, destruction, power, destruction, deluge, prevail
Abhay category: Abhay, Ajay, Akshaya, Agra.
Project 28: Kia motor.


Sindhughosh range: Sindhudhosh, Sindhvaj, Sindhuraj, Sindhuir, Sindhurana, Sindhukesari, Sindhurti, Sindhujay, Sindhuraksh, Sindhurashtra
Infant Category: Shishu, Shankush, Shalki, Shankul
FotTrot Category, Scorpene Category
Nuclear submarines.
Acul Category: There are also many other than the cycle.


  • The theme of 2015 was– Ensuring Secure Seas for a Resurgent Nation.”
  • The theme of 2012 was  – Maritime Power for National Prosperity”.
  • The theme of 2008 was “Reaching Out to Maritime Neighbours”.

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