National Pollution Control Day 2022 – Date, Information

The National Pollution Control Day is celebrated every year on the 2nd of December in India in order to give the honor and memorialize the thousands of human beings who had lost their existence because of the Bhopal gas calamity. Bhopal gas tragedy happened on the night of 2nd and 3rd December in the year 1984 because of the unintentional discharge of the poisonous chemical known as Methyl Isocyanate (also called MIC) as well as some other chemicals released from the Union Carbide Chemical Plant positioned in the city.

National Pollution Control Day
National Pollution Control Day

According to the report, more than 500,000 people (of which around 2259 died immediately) were exposed to the poisonous gas MIC. Later, it was declared by the government of Madhya Pradesh that around 3,787 deaths were related to the gas tragedy.

In the next 72 hours, around 8,000 to 10,000 people have died whereas around 25,000 people were died later because of the gas-related diseases. It was identified as the biggest industrial pollution disaster of the history worldwide which needed serious preventive measures suddenly in order to stay away from such type of disaster in the future.


National Pollution Control Day 2021 would be celebrated on Friday, the 2nd of December.

Factors of Causing Gas Tragedy

  • Storing MIC in the big tanks in place storing in too many smaller drums.
  • Use of more dangerous chemicals (MIC) in place of lesser ones.
  • Poor preservation of the gas after the stoppage of production in the 1980s by the plant.
  • Presence of corroding material in the pipelines
  • Malfunctioning of the various safety systems.
  • Manual dependence for the operations, shortage of expert operators as well as lack of disaster management plans.

Other Tragedies

Other big tragedies in the history of the world are:

  • The Three Mile Island tragedy of the year 1979 of the American nuclear power station. It was the big tragedy of the history which occurred at the Nuclear Generating Station of the Three Mile Island in the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (near the Harrisburg)
  • Another big tragedy of history was the Chernobyl disaster of the year 1986 in Ukraine.
  • After the Bhopal Gas tragedy in India, the other immediate disaster was the Oleum gas leak which occurred in the Shriram Food & fertilizes Ltd complex in Delhi.

National Pollution Control Day is used to celebrate by many of the people to give them proper knowledge about the Effects and the problems of the Pollution in the World on the 2nd December. It is used to make the people aware of the various effects and it’s problems on the people living in every Country.

It is very difficult to tackle and handle the situation of Pollution when there is a Big effect of Pollution in the Environment. Pollution is involved due to many of the reasons like the Bursting of the Crackers, Vehicles running on the Roads, Bomb Blast in some areas and many other reasons.

The pollution problem is nowadays getting bigger in many of the Countries and it is important for the Government to reduce or stop the Pollution from many of the Ideas and Plans. The government has every type of plan to reduce Pollution as it can’t be able to remove the pollution from every Country.

It is very important to manage the Pollution for making the Environment clean and better to live in it. Every people in the World are used to live in a proper environment where there is no pollution in it.

It is very important for people to get every knowledge of the Pollution to reduce it for making a better World of Clean Environment without Pollution. In Delhi, There is a lot of Pollution problem caused due to the Vehicles and other Reasons by which people are used to getting suffered by many of the Diseases.

So the Government has made various laws and rules to reduce Pollution by decreasing the vehicles to run on the Roads. Due to a decrease in Vehicles, the Pollution in the air is decreased and the people can be able to live without any problem.

The pollution problem mainly occurs in those areas where there are lots of Vehicles running on the Roads. It is the responsibility of the Government to control Pollution and to make a better World without Pollution.

The pollution-free environment is very necessary for every people to do all the tasks in a better way and to remain Disease free. Without Pollution, the Environment is very useful to keep the people to get their tasks completed in a better way.

Pollution can result in making the people avoid concentration in any of the activities which can result in incomplete of their goal.

So it is very important for every people to reduce Pollution by reducing the Polluted activities such as Avoid Bursting of the Crackers,  Avoid Running of the Vehicles on the Roads, Avoid Polluting the Water by the Chemicals, etc. It is important for every people to adjust as per the Environmental problems to make the people get relief from many of the Pollution effects.

It is quite dangerous for the Environment When the level of Pollution gets an increase in the Environment. So people should be aware of the Pollution effects and it’s prevention to be taken for protecting the Natural Environment.

Celebration of the National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day is used to make people get all the knowledge about reducing and saving people from the dangerous effects of Pollution. It is very difficult to maintain the level of Pollution, but One can control through many of the good ideas and plans.

People are very curious to reduce Pollution, but it is not very easy to reduce it through small activities for Pollution Reduction. Pollution can be treated through many of the Control Measures such as Water which is wasted is treated and reuse with the help of many of the Projects.

Pollution can be reduced by treatment and management of the Solid Waste which is Scientific. It can be reduced by decreasing the Waste generation.

Pollution can be decreased through Waste Reuse and producing the Power from many types of Waste. Pollution can be decreased by the Facility of the Biomedical Waste.

Pollution can be reduced by the Facility of the Treatment of Electronic Waste. It can be decreased by Projects of the Water Supply.

Pollution can be reduced by Project of the Resources Recovery. It can be decreased by Project of the Energy Saving.

Pollution can be decreased through the Management of Hazardous Waste in many of the Urban areas. It can be Reduce by the Clean Development Mechanism Project.

There is a lot of Pollution that happens due to the chemicals Waste coming from the Industries and going to the air which pollutes the environment. Industries should take many of the preventive measures to reduce Pollution as much of the Pollution happens due to many types of small as well as Big Industries.

Industries have to follow all the laws and rules of the Government as it is the main area where the Environment is Pollute very much. The government has implemented many of the Rules and Regulations on various Industries to make them reduce Pollution.

There are many types of Chemical Factories which produce Dangerous and deadly Gases which can make the people die due to many of the Diseases through Dangerous Gases. So Such Factories are given warning from the Government to make proper work for not letting the Gas to go out to the people as it can result in the death of many people.

National Pollution Control Board which is also known as the (NPCB) and the Central Pollution Control Board which is known as the (CPCB) is used to check the Rules and Regulations of the Functioning as well as Malfunctioning of the Rules for protecting from the Pollution effects. It checks that every Industry uses its Technology which is Environment Eco-friendly in the right manner or not.

Maharashtra State also has Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to maintain and check the Pollution in Maharashtra to make the Pollution free Environment for the betterment of the People. Due to Pollution, many of the Natural Resources such as Air, Water, Forest, Land and also other things are Polluted in a much high level and it should be decreased or stop by many of the Rules and Regulations.

Importance of the National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day is used to give every people the Safe and Clean Environment through any type of ideas and plans to be implemented by the Government for the people’s welfare and betterment. It is very important for every people to cultivate a better attitude towards reducing Pollution from the Environment in various ways.

It is very important to focus on decreasing the Pollution for making a better World which is Pollution-free. Everyone has to come ahead to reduce Pollution through many of the Pollution free activities to be done in every Country.

Pollution can be reduced due to the reduction in many of the Important things which make Pollution. Pollution makes the people avoid the Focus from many of the Things and they get frustrated when their dreams are not achieved in a proper way.

There are many of the Festivals celebrated in India in which people Burns Crackers and many of the things for celebrating the Festivals in a much better way. But the Burning of the Crackers can result in Air Pollution.

So the Government should make many of the Rules to reduce or stop burning the Crackers for reducing Air Pollution. People in Holi also use many of the Dangerous Colours by which the Water gets Pollute due to the use of Chemical Colours.

The government is trying to do many of the activities to accurately handle and tackle many of the situations for the Pollution Control. It is the responsibility of the Government to focus on many of the Pollution Control activities to make sure that the people get proper Pollution free Environment.

Every people in India Country has a number of people living in many of the areas and every people are using lots of vehicles by which the Air is getting Polluted day-by-day. So it is very important for the Government to focus on the Pollution Control matter and solve the Pollution Problems without harming the Natural Environment.

It is very useful for people to create a proper attitude to decrease Pollution through many of the Preventive measures of Pollution. So It is very important for people to keep Patience for reducing Pollution by decreasing many of the activities which are mostly done on many of the activities.

There are many of the States in India where the people are suffering from many of the Pollution problems. They are used to suffer from many of the hazardous and dangerous Diseases by which they can’t do their work properly.

Due to the Pollution, Some People are used to die due to Serious Problems and many of the people are dependent due to various Diseases. So there are various Pollutions such as Air, Water, Soil, Land and many others by which every people are affected by its dangerous effects and it should be reduced for a better Environment.

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