National Sports Day 2024 in India – Rashtriya Khel Divas

National Sports Day in India is celebrated every year on August 29th. It’s also the birthday of legendary Indian hockey player Major Dhyan Chand Singh. August 29 is celebrated in India, the National Sports Day marking the birth year of the Indian hockey master, Major Dhyan Chand, who won the Indian gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936, respectively.

New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium hosts goodwill matches between different hockey teams in India on this day.

National Sports Day

National Sports Day or Rashtriya Khel Diwas 2024

The celebration of National Sports Day will be observed all over India on the 29th of August, 2024, Thursday.

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions celebrate this day to highlight the importance of sports in everyday life

As a tribute to hockey legend Dhyan Chand, this day serves as an opportunity to encourage teens to pursue sports as a profession and to make a name for themselves, as well as their country.

Major Dhyan Chand’s Birthday:

Dhyan Chand, born August 29, 1905, in Allahabad, was known for his outstanding athletic abilities. He was solely responsible for making hockey a major sporting event in India.

His ability to create extraordinary magic with his racket on a hockey field earned him the title of “Hockey Wizard”. He began his international career in 1926 and helped India win three Olympic gold medals under his captain and become captain of India throughout his career and helped India to win three Olympic medals – in 1928, 1932, and 1936. He scored more than 400 goals in his 22-year career.

During the finals of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Chand scored the first goal with three goals and the Indians easily won and beat Germany 8: 1. This match was the culmination of the success of Indian hockey. Led and inspired by Chand, they formed an almost invincible team.

Dhyan Chand contributed to the game after his retirement. He was for a time chief hockey coach at the National Sports Institute of Patiala and has also taught in many training camps in Rajasthan.

An overview of his resume shows that Dhyan Chand is arguably the greatest athlete India has ever produced. It is therefore not surprising that the government has decided to celebrate its memory so impressively. There can be no greater honor than declaring his birthday as National Sports Day in a country!

Awards and achievements of Dhyan Chand:

  • Dhyan Chand’s awards and achievements remain the best in Indian sport.
  • Dhyan Chand received the prestigious “Padma Bhushan” award.
  • At age 51, he retired from the military and was a coach of the National Ice Hockey Team.
  • His last days were in his hometown, Jhansi, and he died on December 3, 1979.

National Sports Day celebration:

Many schools across the country celebrate their annual Sports Day on August 29, as well as National Sports Day on August 29th. This is to give young children a sense of love and respect for the sport and to educate them about one of the most important sports figures in India.

At the national level, Rashtrapati Bhavan is organizing a grand event where the President awards the National Sports Awards to the players who have made the country proud of their great athletic ability. Prices include the Arjuna Prize, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, and the Dhronacharya Award.

Celebration of the International Sports Day:

Many other countries celebrate National Sports and Health Day to promote healthy living among the population.

  • Japan’s National Sports and Health Day is celebrated every year since 2000, on the second Monday in October, before October 10th.
  • Iraq celebrates October 17th and is celebrated for a whole week.
  • Qatar National Sports Day is held on the second Tuesday of February.
  • Malaysia celebrated Sports Day in 2015 and the second Saturday in October is celebrated as a National Sports Day called “HariSukan Negara”.

Participation in a sport requires passion and dedication, which is the key to success in all areas. Promoting the younger generation in sports not only ensures a healthy lifestyle but also enhances athletic abilities and leadership qualities.

National Sports Day As part of our India-Our-Pride events in the Himalayas, we encourage passionate athletes to represent our India in world sports.

Best Sports Slogans

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.

Intensity is not a perfume!

There’s no traffic on the extra mile.


There is no lack of Talent abounds our country India. All we have to do is release the talent. Sport is a way to lead a long and healthy life without illness, and National Sports Day is one of the many platforms that help spread this message in our country.

The sport gives a sense of conviviality among teenagers and also develops a sense of unity at home. This not only shapes a person’s mind but also makes it strong and active.

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