How does miscommunication happen? Give a few suggestions to overcome it.

Miscommunication refers to unsuccessful communication. Miscommunication frequently occurs in one’s life. This is a result of many different factors. When one misinterprets the real meaning of different meaning of the words than they intended.

Miscommunication occurs when the recipient receives a message other than that intended by the sender. Communication barriers enable miscommunication to take place.

When the essentials of communication are not fulfilled, miscommunication takes place.


Some of the reasons that cause miscommunication are discussed below:-

  1. The absence of common communication environment:-

Common communication environment refers to the environment in which the sender and receiver are involved in sharing information. When there is no common environment between them it brings misunderstandings and hence miscommunication occurs.

Culture, tradition, language etc also affect the communication process. Commonality is directly proportional to communication; the more common between sender receivers, the communication is more successful.

  1. Use of social media for communication:-

Nowadays, there is a lot of computer mediated communication. Such communication takes place between people through the instrumentality of computers. For example, Facebook, MSN, Twitter, e-mail etc. The use of communication technology has brought a change in the way people interact and communicate with each other.

While using social media such as facebook, the communication is not in the real time, the context of the other person is missing. This form of communication does not allow immediate feedback or response. So the interpretation is based upon the words alone.

  1. Lack of understanding between sender and receiver:-

One must send the complete message providing all necessary facts & figure. Incomplete communication can cause misunderstanding. There should be cooperation between sender and receiver.

Whatever sender communicates should be of value to the receiver and vice versa. For a communication to take place property there should be understanding between both sender and receiver.

  1. Incorrect Encoding and Decoding of Message:-

The message sent by the sender should be correctly coded so that the receiver won’t get any problem while getting it. For example, when speaking, the sender should speak clearly and loud and in case of writing, the letters should be clear and correct. Clarity of thoughts and clarity of language is very important for proper communication

  1. Personal problems in receiving the message:-

Reception problems may relate to the receiver of the message. The receiver may be in a bad mood, distracted by different sights and sounds, uncomfortable due to fear or feeling of insecurity etc. Such irritating conditions can interfere with the reception of the message.

The receiver’s mind may fill in the missed out information with his own creative insight and thus lead to misunderstanding or miscommunication.

  1. Problem in expressing ideas:-

Look of experience in writing or speaking, a limited vocabulary, incorrect use of grammar, indecision about the subject matter of message – causes problems in developing the message. This problem can occur at sender’s as well as receiver’s level. And this prevents effective communication or may lead to miscommunication.

Suggestion to overcome miscommunication:-

To overcome miscommunication, the following points must be considered:-

  • Time and effort are required to ensure that the message is properly received and interpreted by the other person.
  • Be aware not to allow one’s brain to fill in the missing information by itself.
  • Do not allow perception about the other person to overshadow the message.
  • To transfer information, choose and use the right medium.