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World Meteorological Day Quotes:- World Meteorological Day is used to celebrate on the 23rd March 1961 every year. World Meteorological Day started on 23rd March 1961 and is celebrated by the Government first time.

It is used to provide the people to get the Facilities and Services for the people to get the people aware of the World Weather. It is used to deliver the people to get the information about the World Weather.

World Meteorological Day is used to get all the Climatic Conditions Knowledge to the people by which the people are used to get many types of knowledge about every change in the Climatic Conditions.

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World Meteorological Day Quotes

1.The icy layers of the upper atmosphere contain conundrums enough to be worthy of humanity’s greatest efforts.

2.Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning. 

3.We have learned that there is an endocrinology of elation and despair, a chemistry of mystical insight, and, in relation to the autonomic nervous system, a meteorology and even… an astrophysics of changing moods. 

4.The astronomer is, in some measure, independent of his fellow astronomer; he can wait in his observatory till the star he wishes to observe comes to his meridian; but the meteorologist has his observations bounded by a very limited horizon, and can do little without the aid of numerous observers furnishing him contemporaneous observations over a wide-extended area.

5.Perhaps someday in the dim future, it will be possible to advance the computations faster than the weather advances and at a cost, less than the saving to mankind due to the information gained. But that is a dream.

6.Of all the departments of science, no one seems to have been less advanced for the last hundred years than that of meteorology. 

7.It is the flash which appears, the Thunderbolt will follow. 

8.Iris from sea brings wind or mighty rain. 

9.If the observation of the amount of heat the sun sends the earth is among the most important and difficult in astronomical physics, it may also be termed the fundamental problem of meteorology, nearly all whose phenomena would become predictable, if we knew both the original quantity and kind of this heat. 

10.All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control.