World Meteorological Day
World Meteorological Day : 23 March 2022 Theme,Date,Information

World meteorological day is celebrated all across the world by the member states meteorological organizations every year on 23rd of March. The World Meteorological Organization celebrates its 72st anniversary in 2022. It is an annual event being commemorated yearly by the almost 191 meteorological organization members worldwide as well as the worldwide meteorological communities using a […]

World Meteorological Day Quotes
World Meteorological Day Quotes: Top 10 Quotes WMO

World Meteorological Day Quotes:- World Meteorological Day is used to celebrate on the 23rd March 1961 every year. World Meteorological Day started on 23rd March 1961 and is celebrated by the Government first time. It is used to provide the people to get the Facilities and Services for the people to get the people aware of the World […]