Safety of Women

Safety of Women
Safety of Women

Safety of Women

The issue of protection of women in India is a very important issue. Today, teachers are also promoting essays and article writing for information about every subject. Here we are providing some essays in the boundaries of different words on the safety of women, from whom you can choose the essence of the word range as per your wish. Each essay has been written with easy sentences and word boundaries in mind.Safety of Women

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The protection of women is very detailed in itself. Looking at the increasing atrocities against women in the last few years, we can not say that women in our country are completely safe. Women feel insecure themselves, especially if they want to go out alone. It is indeed embarrassing for us that women in our country are living in fear. Their family members have become the issue of safety concerns for every family. If there is some improvement in women’s security, then given below are some facts which we can bring about a major change in society:

Some Women’s Safety Tips

  • First of all, every woman will have to teach the techniques of self-defense and her morale needs to be elevated too. This will not make any kind of trouble for women to face adverse situations.
  • It is often seen that women take the situation seriously, rather than any man. If they are suspected of any kind of disturbance, they should take some concrete steps soon.
  • Women should also keep in mind that they should not be told alone with an unknown person. Such situations should keep them away from themselves.
  • Women should never regard themselves as less than men, whether it is a matter of mental capacity or physical force.
  • Women should take special care to ensure that they are careful while communicating with the internet or any other medium to any kind of unknown person and do not give them any personal details of their own.
  • While going out of the house, always keep a mirror sprayer with you. Although it is not necessary that they depend completely on it, they can use any other option.
  • Women can also see Emergency numbers or Whatsapp to their families by watching them fall in opposite conditions.
  • If you have to stay in the hotel or elsewhere in an unknown city, then ensure the security of the staff and the rest of the staff there.Safety of Women


Women’s security is a social issue, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Women are almost half of the population of the country who suffer from physical, mental, and social status. This is a hindrance to the development and progress of the country.

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In the last few years, the level of security of women is constantly falling. The reason behind this is the increase in the continuous crime. From the medieval era to the 21st century, continuous decline in the status of women has been seen. Women also have equal rights for men. They represent half of the country’s population and also have half partners in development. This argument can not be denied, that in today’s modern era, women have not only advanced men but also two steps ahead. They have become the basis of district-level plans from the presidential office. Routine without women cannot be imagined. According to the Indian Constitution, women also have the right to live like men, independent, glorious life. Women have to constantly be the peak of sexual violence, dowry murder, and assault. Throwing acid, forced prostitution is a common matter. It is very embarrassing for a civilized society.

Education and economic development

There is a difference between the women in the rural areas and the sky in the sky, whereas in urban areas it is not so. This is due to the low literacy rates of women in the village. If we take the example of Kerala and Mizoram, then they fall into the category of exceptions. In both of these states, female literacy rate is equal to men. The main reason for the reduction in female literacy rate is the lack of adequate schools, the lack of toilets, the lack of female teachers, gender discrimination etc. According to statistics, the female literacy rate was 60.6% in 2015 whereas male literacy rate was 81.3%.

Women crime in India

If there is a list of women crime in India, then it is very long. Including acid throwing, forced Vashyavriti, sexual violence, dowry murders, kidnappings, honor killings, rape, abortion, mental harassment and so on.

Laws related to women safety

The list of laws related to women protection in India is very long, including the Child Marriage Act, 1929, Special Marriage Act, 1954, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Hindu Widow Remairies Act 1856, Indian Penal Code 1860, Maternity Benefit Act 1861, Foreign Marriage Act 1969, Indian Divorce Act 1969, Christian Marriage Act 1872, Married Women Property Act 1874, Muslim Woman Protection Act 1986, National Commission for Women Act 1990, Sexual Harassment of Umn at Working Place Act 2013 etc.

Apart from this, the Lok Sabha has made changes in the Juvenile Justice Bill on December 22, 2015, and on December 22, 2015. Under this scheme, if there is a 16 to the 18-year-old juvenile is found to be involved in the heinous crime provisions of the stringent punishment (after specifically about missing juvenile delinquent in cases such Nirbhaya).


Despite making stringent laws, there is a continuous upward trend in the day every day rather than decreasing the crime of women. The security of women in society is declining. Women are feeling insecure themselves. The responsibility of changing the dirty atmosphere for women is not only of the government out of every common man so that every woman can proudly lead her life.