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Essay on Labour Day:- Labor Day in Vietnam is celebrated on May 1st each year unless the day falls on a weekend day when the holiday is observed on the following Monday. This day celebrates the worker’s movement as well as the changing season from Winter to Spring.

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Labour Day is a special day dedicated to the labor class to recognize their hard work and efforts. It is celebrated across the globe in various countries. In most of countries, it is celebrated on the 1st of May which happens to be International Workers’ Day. The history and origin of Labour Day differ in different countries.

Labour Day:- The Origin of the Idea

With the growth of industrialization in Canada towards the end of the 19th century, the labor class became loaded with work. Their number of working hours and the amount of work increased drastically while their wages continued to be meager.

Many of them fell ill due to the constant workload and many even lost their life owing to this reason.

In order to raise their voice against this injustice, laborers from different parts of the country joined hands. They carried out various movements against the tyranny of the capitalist class.



Labour Day is a time to relax and rejuvenate. It is also the time to honor those who fought for the rights of the laborers and brought about reforms. 

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Labour Day, as the name suggests, is celebrated to honor the hard work done by the laborers as well as to honor those who went out of their way to fight for the rights of the laborers. The day is celebrated on the 1stof May each year in most of the countries including India.

Labour Day Celebration –Then and Now

Laborers were given their due rights after a lot of struggle. Those who toiled hard recognized its importance much more. The day held a special significance for them. Thus, in most of the countries, Labour Day celebration initially included paying honor to the union leaders who took the lead as well as inspired others to fight for their rights.

Trade unions conducted special lunches and dinners or organized picnics and outings for their team of laborers. 

 They usually plan family outings or go out with friends.

It offers them the much-needed respite from the daily grind. People look forward to it as a holiday time. 

 Many people go to watch these matches live while others simply laze around in their house watching its live telecast.

In United States, retailers put up sale during this time. The sale of products boosts a great deal around this time.

Sales have done at this time come next only to the sales done around the Christmas time. People particularly indulge in back-to-school shopping at this time.



The history and origin of Labour Day vary from country to country. Laborers and trade unions in different countries underwent a lot of struggle.  It took a long time for the government to make laws against the unjust treatment of the labor class by the industrialists. A special day to celebrate the efforts put in by the laborers was subsequently recognized.

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Labour Day, a special day dedicated to the laborers and working-class people, is a public holiday in most of the countries.  Canada and United States observe it on the 1st Monday of September.

Many countries have their own dates to celebrate this date. However, the reason for the celebration remains the same and that is to celebrate the hard work of the labor class.

Labour Day in India:- History, Date and Origin

Labour Day in India was first celebrated on 1st May 1923. This celebration was held in the Indian state of Madras by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. On this day, Comrade Singaravelar organized two meetings at different places in the state.

 He passed a resolution stating government must announce a national holiday on this day.

Labour Day in the Different Indian States

In India, Labour Day is known by the name Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din. However, different states in the country call it by different names.

1st May in the state of Maharashtra is also celebrated as Maharashtra Day and in Gujarat, it is celebrated as Gujarat Day. This is because, in the year 1960 on this very date, Maharashtra and Gujarat attained statehood.

Labour Day Celebration in India

Just as in various other parts of the world, Labour Day is a day of celebration for the people belonging to the labor class in India too. 


The origin of Labour Day exemplifies how nothing is impossible if we stand united.Though, the exploitation of the labor class by the Capitalists was always evident no one took action against it. The joint efforts of the trade unions forced the government to make laws favoring the laborers.

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 However, in most of the countries, the day occurs on the 1st of May that happens to be International Workers’ Day.

Labour Day Origin

The condition of the laborers was very poor in the earlier times. They suffered injuries and faced other horrible problems at their workplace. 

The increasing number of health problems incurred by these people due to the long working hours and lack of good sources to get those problems cured led to the labor unions raising voice against this system. Agitated laborers formed unions that fought for their rights for quite a while. Following this, the 8-hour work shift was set for the laborers and working-class people.

This is also referred to as the eight hour day movement. As per this, a person should work only for eight hours. He must get eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest. Labour Day has its origin in this movement.

Though the history and origin of Labour Day differ in different countries however the main reason behind it remains the same and that is unfair treatment of the labor class. It was quite unfortunate that the class of people that contributed immensely towards the infrastructural development of the country was treated poorly. Various movements took place against this in different parts of the world and this day finally came into being.


The labor class is indeed the one that requires indulging in various laborious tasks. A special day to appreciate and recognize their contribution towards the society is certainly well-deserved.

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Labour Day is celebrated in various countries around the world. This is one day that is exclusively dedicated to the labor class. However, unlike various other days we celebrate, this one did not originate that easily.

It all began with the rise of industrialization. The industrialists exploited the labor class. They derived a lot of work from them but paid them meagrely. Laborers were made to work for 10-15 hours a day in tough conditions.

Those who worked in chemical factories, mines, and other similar places suffered all the more. Many of them fell ill and many others lost their lives working under such circumstances for long hours.

Finally, they took the courage to stand united and raise their voice against this tyranny. Around that time, forming trade unions and going on strike was also considered illegal in many countries. However, even as it meant risking their job, many laborers came forward to protest against the injustice they were going through.

Trade unions were formed and laborers went on strike. They also carried out rallies and protests. Eventually, the government heard their plea and the working hours were reduced to 8 hours. A special day to celebrate the efforts of this class was also set. The date of Labour Day varies from country to country.

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