Variety of Transaction in Inter Organizational

Variety of Transaction in Inter-Organizational:- There are many organizations and there is a variety of transactions that take place. The organizations range from a large supermarket chain down to a local corner shop.

The type of transaction that takes place and how it is executed depends on the size of the business involved, the nature of the business and the norms of the particular trade sector.

A variety of transactions that can take place are:

  • Discrete transactions of commodity items.
  • Repeat transactions of commodity items.
  • Discrete transactions of non-commodity items.

These differing transactions may be done electronically and can be mapped onto the various e-commerce technologies:

  • Electronic Markets:-

An electronic market is an inter-organizational information system that allows the participating buyers and sellers to exchange information about prices and product offerings.

They are the commerce sites on the internet that allow large numbers of buyers and suppliers to meet and trade with each other. Electronic markets provide an efficient search mechanism to compare commodity product offerings and find a suitable supplier.

Many electronic markets also offer additional services, such as payment or logistics services that help member complete a transaction.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):-

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of business documents in standard, computer-processable, universally accepted format between the business partners.

EDI comes into its own once the supplier has been located and terms of trade arranged. It enables the computer in one organization to communicate with a computer in another organization without producing any paper documents or human intervention.

It provides for the automation of regular repeat orders and other standardized exchanges on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis.

  • Internet Commerce:-

In addition to the large and regular purchases, organizations will be making once-off, consumer-style purchases e.g. stationery purchases.

Such purchases are not the subject of electronic markets and probably do not justify an EDI system but they can be undertaken using e-commerce facilities on the internet.

All these e-commerce technologies could be used by a single company as per their requirements.