Importance of Education for Women


Women education is a catch all term which refers to the state of primary, secondary, tertiary and Education for Women. There are 65 Million girls out of school across the globe; majority of them are in the developing and underdeveloped countries. All the countries of the world, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries must take necessary steps to improve their condition of female education; as women can play a vital role in the nation’s development.

If we consider society as tree, then men are like its strong main stem which supports the tree to face the elements and women are like its roots; most important of them all. The stronger the roots are the bigger and stronger the tree will be spreading its branches; sheltering and protecting the needy.

Women are the soul of a society. A society can well be judged by the way its women are treated. An educated man goes out to make the society better. While an educated woman; whether she goes out or stays at home. Makes the house and its occupants better.

Women play many roles in a society- mother, wife, sister, care taker, nurse etc. They are more compassionate towards the needs of others. And have a better understanding of social structure. An educated mother make sure that her children are educated. And weigh the education of a girl child, same as boys.


History replete with evidences. That the societies in which women were treated equally to men and were educated. Prospered and grew socially as well as economically. It mistake to leave women behind in our goal of sustainable development. And it could only be achieved if both the genders are allowed equal opportunities. In education and other areas.

Education makes women more confident and ambitious. They become more aware of their rights and can raise their voice against exploitation and violence. A society cannot at all progress if its women weep silently. They have to have the weapon of education to carve out a progressive path for their own as well as their families.

Below we will go through some of the advantages of educating women and its positive effects on the society.


1) Better Standard of Living

Better standard of living for the family is one of the advantages of women/female education. It doesn’t take a mathematician to conclude that a family relying on double wages is more content and happy than a family which relies on the income of a single parent.

An educated mother will earn as good as the father of the family and will look after the financial needs of her family in a much better way. Two incomes under the same roof will improve the quality of living and also ensure better education and facilities to the children, not to mention that a happy family will ultimately lead to a happy society.

2) Improved Health and Hygiene

Women are more concerned about the health of their family than men and have a great sense of hygiene too. Even working women are constantly concerned about their family’s health and don’t compromise with it at any cost.

It is only because of the women in the house that men work free, with the only responsibility of earning money; as they know that everything else in the house is being take care of. So it becomes imperative that the women who taking care of the family and your children educated, so that she recognizes the health hazards and is confident enough to act prudently to eliminate them.

3) Dignity and Honor

A woman dignity of a house, and a society is judged depending on how its women are treated and how much they are educated. It is only when a woman is able to protect her own dignity and honor, that she able to protect the dignity and honor of her family. An uneducated woman may lack the courage to speak for her own dignity while an educated woman confident enough to fight for it.

4) Self Reliance

Education makes a woman self reliant; that is, she does not depend on anyone for her own survival as well as the survival of her children. She educated and could employed equally like men and fend for the needs of her family. A woman, who is financially independent, can raise her voice against injustice and exploitation.

5) Eliminating Crime against Women

Many of the social evils and crimes against women can be easily eliminated by educating women. Incidents of dowry, flesh trade, female infanticide as well as harmful customary practices can be eradicated by educating women of a society. An educated woman plays a very important role in a civilized family and influences the thoughts and beliefs of its members.

She is unlikely to remain silent on domestic violence against other woman or girl in the family; and will definitely help in strengthening the social fabric of the society. An educated woman will never concede to the female infanticide and is well aware that it is a crime as per the law and also forbidden by any religion.

6) Decreased Mortality Rate

An educated woman is more likely to marry later in life improving the chances of survival. The mother and baby. Educated mothers are more aware of their children’s needs and nutrition, and take well care of them resulting in a low child mortality rate; providing them better health, hygiene and nutrition. According to a study its estimated that nearly 1.5 Million children saved globally, only their mothers had completed secondary school.

7) Prevents Social Exclusion of Women

A girl child doesn’t go to school today. Most likely to work as a domestic help in household chores in her own house as well as other houses; mostly only for petty sum of money. An uneducated woman or a girl is most likely to work as domestic help or in extreme cases pushed into flesh trade; unlike men or boys who easily get employed as unskilled labors despite being uneducated.

Those women had worked as domestic help for their whole life into other undignified professions, get socially isolated from the society; leading to depression and other mental and physical ailments. An educated woman on the other hand, is unlikely to go all through this and will ultimately brew a balanced society.

8) Integral Development

Today the developing as well as the underdeveloped countries strive for integral development. They have realized that the true development of a nation can achieved only when no one left behind on the path to progress. The goals of integral and sustainable developments will nothing more than mere words if our women not educated and empowered.

Women must be provided an equal opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with men, and encouraged to pursue the professions they aspire- doctor, lawyer, technocrat, scientist, journalist, adventurist etc. Only then we will be able to achieve our goal of sustainable development by 2030.

9) Exploring the Hidden Potential

We all must have heard about the term ‘Brain Drain’, also must have expressed our concern about the talented individuals of a developing or under developed nation migrating to some other parts of world; mostly to  a developed nation in search of better financial opportunities and better facilities. Rather than stressing too much on the talent leaving their land; such nations should educate its girls and women to explore their hidden potential.

Women education in developing countries is essential for their growth and stability. Who knows girl working as a domestic help has the potential to become a doctor. When it comes to brain and the use of it. Women are no inferior to men; why not to help them achieve their aspirations. It would ultimately benefit the nation, as a woman is less likely to leave her roots and migrate to other nation.

10) Women in Politics or Bureaucracy

Educating women will also lead them to become political leaders. Who can fight for the rights and justice of other women. Women political leaders or bureaucrats can more effectively fight against. Injustice and other crimes against women; ultimately leading to a balanced society.

The more women enter into politics and bureaucracy. The more achievable the goal of global sustainable development by 2030 will become. There are innumerable women in the world who have held. And still hold influential positions across the globe and have taken decisions to make the world better. Especially the underdeveloped and developing countries will benefit more from women education.


Educating women is integral to the economical and social development of a nation. Women play a responsible role in the houses and societies. They responsible for looking after their children, relatives and elders of the house. Which makes it mandatory for them well informed and aware of threats and security.

An educated woman can bring some positive changes in her own house as well as in the society. She is more likely to send her children to school, improving the nation’s literacy rate. There are numerous other advantages of educating women apart from good health and hygiene, raised economy of the nation etc. No nation can achieve development in a true sense if it leaves its women behind on education.