Role of youth in promoting national integration

Role of youth in promoting national integrations

Young and National Integration in India

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The younger generation is the foundation of any country. The way a building cannot stand without a strong foundation or base, so no country can live or progress without qualified, skilled and dedicated youth. If the youth are given the right motivation and opportunity, then any country will not be late in becoming a superpower. Although it is not possible to do this without developing a sense of national unity.Role youth promoting national integration.


The real unity of national unity means that all the people of the country should be thrown in a thread and brought them to a stage. It is a feeling that makes us proud of our heritage and binds all the people of the country in the same bond. The progress of any country depends on the youth there who play an important responsibility to take the nation on the important path of harmonious development. To keep the spirit of national unity alive, they should rise above all differences like caste, creed, religion, and language.

Role of youth in promoting national integration

Our country has progressed in many directions, but youths of the country need to know that the spirit of unity sometimes has to face serious challenges. The force of extremism and fanaticism threatens to destroy the cherished ideals of a country and a person. In the name of loyalty to language, region, religion, and caste, there is arousing obsessive stimuli and priority is given to the community, leaving devotion to the motherland. Today, the spirit of separation is prevailing in many places like Kashmir and the North-East.Role youth promoting national integration


Young and National Integration in India (Role youth promoting national integration)


The wounds of the partition of India in 1947 are still not well filled, and neighboring Pakistan has always been trying to destabilize peace and harmony in the country. There have been constant riots among different communities, with negative consequences for the country’s unity and integrity. We need to meet the obstacles in the path of national integrity like national conservatism, regionalism, ethnicity, casteism, and communalism. India is a vast country, where its citizens have been divided into many castes and sub-castes on the basis of different languages.Role youth promoting national integration.

India is home to followers of various religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. All people across the country are divided on one basis or another. The unity of ideas, action and mutual brotherhood are essential for the progress of the nation and the youth of the country can contribute a lot in strengthening national unity.


Youngsters should take the role of leadership


About 66% of India’s population is young and therefore their role in national unity is very important. We have a long and rich history of young people’s contribution to the freedom struggle. Although corruption is largely in the corridors of power today and most political parties live in search of growing themselves by dividing the country on the basis of caste, creed, and religion. This means that the youth should provide a large number of social and political parties to lead the country in the right way.Role youth promoting national integration

How to promote national unity in all people, this is one of the biggest issues. In this background, National Integration is a tool that can help save the country from falling into the hands of militants and fundamentalists. Young people, who are future leaders, play an important role in the unity of the country. Youth power can do wonders on a large scale, provided that their energy and enthusiasm should be used for development work. To fulfill any challenge to national unity and integration, the strength, power, and ability of the youth should be used.

Young men and women of the new generation can play an important role in the socio-economic uplift of society. If the ideas, ideology, and idealism of youth are used in a real sense then the work of national unity will be easy and the future of the country will be bright.


The aim of youth should be to bring the country forward on the path of progress and prosperity and eliminate the suffering sufferers of society. And in this new era of hope and happiness, everyone has a different and obvious role in this wonderful work. Like a tooth in the machine.Role youth promoting national integration.


The need of the hour for the youth is that they should realize any challenges facing the country. They should not blame everything on politicians or powers that they are, therefore we have to sit down. They should show the right kind of initiative to overcome all obstacles in the way of promoting national integration and integration.

Role of techno-savvy people in promoting national integration


The unity of any country depends on the youth of that country. After all, they take the vital responsibility of handling matters related to national interests. As far as national unity is concerned, they have to work towards treating all the diseases in order to maintain a unity among the citizens of the country.

Fortunately, today they are equipped with various effective social networking tools which they can use to spread awareness about national integration. It has become easier to inform the common people due to the arrival of new technology which is very convenient to reach through their peers. This gives them caste, creed, distance, religion.Role youth promoting national integration.