Internet as Global Information Infrastructure

The Internet is a networking infrastructure; it connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer connected to the network.

Internet as Global Information Infrastructure

It is an ever-growing wide area network of millions of computers and computer networks across the globe, which can exchange information through standard rules or protocols. The Internet is a vast hardware and software infrastructure that enables computer interconnectivity.

The Global Information Infrastructures is the developing communications framework which is intended to eventually connect all the telecommunications and computer networks worldwide. The GII will make all the electronically stored or transmitted information accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Internet is termed as the Global Information Infrastructures because it is providing all types of information in various formats in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. Currently, the Internet is the default Global Information Infrastructure.

Today the Internet is :

  • A widespread information infrastructure.
  • A means for access to information worldwide.
  • A network of networks worldwide.
  • A network of all the telecommunications worldwide.

The Internet has evolved over time and nowadays it supports a larger volume and variety of users, capabilities, and services. Information access is among the primary purposes for constructing a Global Information Infrastructure. The Internet offers a new Global Information Infrastructure that is challenging the way people interact.

The Internet and the telecommunication infrastructure collectively from the Global Information Infrastructure. But the Internet plays a major role in realizing the concept of Global Information Infrastructures.

It acts as an enabling environment for the proper development and implementation of the Global Information Infrastructure.

It handles the storage, transmission, and management of information, and thus it is a critical component of GII.

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