Children’s Day Essay

Children’s Day Essay:- Children’s Day celebrated on the birthday of uncle Navaru, reflects Nehru’s love for children. Every year on 14th November, this program is organized on essay writing competition outside schools or schools. Keeping this in mind, we are making available essays for the students in various word boundaries with very easy words. Which can be useful for your children on different occasions.


Children’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. According to him, children are the future of the country. He knew it well that the bright future of the country will depend on the future of the children. He used to say that no country can ever develop well if his children are not weak, poor and properly developed. When he felt that the child was the future of the country, he decided to celebrate his birthday as a child day, which should focus on the children of the country and improve their condition. This is being celebrated on 14th November every year from all over India since 1956 only.Children’s Day Essay

Why this is necessary:

With a view to improving the bright future of the children, it is important to celebrate Children’s Day every year to make people aware of the importance of children in the real situation, because they are the future of the country. Children’s Day festival provides opportunities for everyone, especially for the neglected children of India. By comparing their duties and responsibilities towards children, they force them to think about the future of their children. This makes the people aware of the situation of the children in the country and what their right condition should be for the country’s bright future. This is possible only when everyone understands their responsibility towards children seriously.

How it is celebrated:

It is celebrated everywhere in the country with various activities (related to children who make them ideal citizens). In every aspect such as ethical, physical and mental, many competitions related to the health of children are maintained in schools. People on this day swear they will never neglect their children. On this day, children are given new clothes, good food, and books.


Children’s Day is celebrated to make people aware because children are the real future of the country. Therefore, everyone should understand their responsibility towards the child and understand the child day festival. Children’s Day Essay

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