Best Slogans on Labour Day
27 Best Labor Day Slogans 2019 and Sayings

Slogans on Labour Day:- Labour Day is also known as May Day. It is celebrated every year on 1st of May and declared as national holiday corresponding to the International Workers’ Day (celebrated in many countries all over the world as international labor movement). It was started celebrating annually after the violent strike of labors in 1886 in Chicago, […]

Slogans on Earth Day
25 Best Slogans on Earth Day 2019

Slogans on Earth Day:- Using such slogans you can encourage people to take care of the planet and maintain nature’s balance by bringing behavioral changes. You can choose any world earth day slogan to spread awareness among people about the declining condition of the earth. The theme of World Earth Day 2019 is “Protect Our […]

Happy Mother's Day Slogans
Happy Mothers Day Slogans 2019

Mothers Day is an annual celebration. It is celebrated on different days in different countries. Along with many other countries, India celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in the month of May. It is an occasion to celebrate motherhood and all that goes with it. Mother’s are characterized by their love and sacrifice, giving […]


WORLD POPULATION DAY SLOGANS:- World population day is a campaign celebrated annually on 11th of July in order to raise awareness about global population issues. Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme established this campaign in 1989 to attract the attention of people towards population issues and motivate them for family planning. We have provided […]

World Tuberculosis Day Slogans
World Tuberculosis Day Slogans

World Tuberculosis Day Slogans:- World TB Day/World Tuberculosis Day 2018 will be celebrated all over the world on 24th of March, on Saturday. World Tuberculosis Day is observed on March 24 to build awareness among the public regarding tuberculosis. Tuberculosis Slogans World Tuberculosis Day Slogans “On The Move Against TB: Transforming The Fight-Towards Elimination.” “TB Anywhere Is TB Everywhere.” “Stop TB In […]