What is Life? Best Motivational Story

What Is Life:- Once Akbar was sitting in his palace. Sitting – sitting in his mind came to the idea that after all this is life? Despite a lot of thinking, he did not get the answer. He immediately called his minister Birbal and asked Birbal – “What is life? I want to know you tell me ”

What is Life
What is Life

Birbal thinks a little bit and says, “Maharaj, give me 2 months as this is a very big question.”
After 2 months Birbal arrives and brings together a book, and giving the book to Akbar, says, “This is what Late Maharaj has written in this book, what is life?”
Akbar – “Such a big book! Birbal is more than that you bring it in fewer words. ”
Then Birbal takes one month and gives a book 8-10 pages a month later to Akbar.
Akbar – “It is too much Birbal to bring you something else. ”
Then Birbal takes 15 days and brings it in a single page and gives it to Akbar. Akbar – “It is all right but Birbal. Tell me in just one sentence what is life?”
Now Birbal takes 10 days and thinks very carefully by taking only one sentence that life is what it is and lets it write a sentence to Akbar. And that sentence was –

“There is no free lunch”
“Nothing in the world is available for free. “

Now Birbal explains that nothing gets free for Maharaj, that is the essence . A king does it with the people and in turn, gives protection and justice to the people. Parents raise their children big and want them to take care of them in old age. We give the seeds to the ground, in return, the land gives us fruit. In this way nobody gets anything free in this , this is life.


This story only tells us that if we want success, name, and fame in life then we will not get it for free, it will have to work harder for as much as possible success.