How to Apply the Google Play Gift Card Balance?

For any occasion, Google gift cards are the best gifting solution to all age groups. This gift card can be used to purchase all kinds of entertainment features, apps, games and much more.

You can gift the Google Play gift cards to your dear ones which offer many benefits. At the same time, it is essential to share the complete information about the card and its usage methods.

In order to know how to apply the Google play gift card balance from a gift card to your Google account, you can go through this page.

Google Play Gift Card Balance

Applying the Google Play Gift Card Balance to your account

If you have the Google play card with you, you can follow two ways to Redeem Google Play Gift Card to your account.

Redeem on the web

The Google play gift card balance can be applied to your account by using a popular web browser from an Android device or from any computer.

Simply, open the web browser and search for You are asked to authenticate by signing into your Google account like accessing for Gmail or any other Google service. Now you are forwarded to the redeem page.

Then take a coin of a sharp fingernail to scratch off the security paste which covered the secret redemption code. After uncovering the code, enter this code in the text box that is popped up in the middle of the page.

When you click the redeem button, you will get confirmation that the process was successfully completed and now you are able to use that balance for buying apps and media.

Redeem on the device

As your android device has Google play app, it is very simple to Redeem Google play gift card in mobile. In Google play application main view page, open the left side pull-out menu. Now you are able to see the redeem option in the list.

The app accesses your Google wallet account and asks you to enter the redemption code. Scratch off the code number and type in the dialog box that appears. Tap the Redeem button and then you can have the balance to spend in Google Play.

Thus, these are the ways to apply balance from a card to your Google account.