Application of E-commerce in Direct Marketing and Selling

Direct marketing is a very popular and widely method of informing people about products and services in order to make sales. It’s a method of contacting customers and potential customers personally. Using e-commerce, companies provide credit and electronically buying facilities to a customer in order to facilitate the customers and to attract the attention of customers.

 Application of E-commerce in Direct Marketing and Selling

Following are the application of e-commerce in direct marketing and selling.

    • Introduction and rapid promotion of a product through direct link, interactive and customizable information to the customer.
    • Generation of responsive feedback to customer inquiries, capturing and tracking of information about consumer requests and providing customized services based on personal needs and interests of consumers.
    • Reduced delivery time of digitized products like music, software, online education, and consultancy.

    • Elimination of all the administration work and transport time.
    • Increased in customer satisfaction because of availability of online detailed information and quick response to his queries via email.
    • Targeting customer segments with personalized offers and generating sales leads through observation and analysis of customer behavior.
    • Providing the easiest, cost-effective and quickest method to contact the customers directly.
    • Surveys can be easily conducted without the involvement of the machinery of surveyors.
    • Data about transactions of customers along with their personal information can be collected and stored into databases. Analysis of this data helps in achieving a higher return of on investment.

  • An opening of new markets that were not accessible and facilitating export in international markets directly.


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