What is Information in MIS? Define Management Information System

What is Information in MIS?:- Information is processed form of data i.e. data that have been processed and shaped into a form that is meaningful to its users is known as information.

Davis and Olson have defined information as “ Data that has been processed into a from that is meaningful to the recipient and is of real or perceived value in current or prospective actions or decisions”.

Information is derived from data. For example, volume of the room is the information which can be derived from the data by using the formula

Volume = length x Breadth x Height

It is the main activity of the computer to process data produce useful information.

Information is needed for:-

  • Strategic planning.
  • Competition.
  • Marketing environment.
  • Customer needs.

Good quality information can be used:

  • To maximise sales.
  • To cut costs.
  • To develop new products.
  • To take good management decisions.