Green Hills International School Uniforms

Welcome to the vibrant world of Green Hills International School. Where education meets style! At Green Hills. We believe that a well-designed uniform is not just a dress code; it’s a representation of our values and identity. We will explore the trendy and smart uniforms for boys and girls at Green Hills School. Let’s dive into the fashion-forward world of Green Hills School Dress!

Green Hills School Boys Uniforms

Green Hills School DressStep into the world of sophistication with Green Hills School Boys Uniforms. Our boys’ uniform exudes a blend of classic style and modern trends, reflecting the essence of our prestigious institution. The crisp white shirt paired with tailored navy blue trousers creates a sharp and polished look that sets our students apart. Complementing the ensemble is a sleek navy blue blazer adorned with the Green Hills School Crest. Adding an element of pride and tradition to the attire To complete the outfit. Our boys sport a striped tie in green and gold hues, symbolizing growth and excellence.

Green Hills School Girl Uniforms

Green Hills School believes in fostering a sense of unity and community spirit through its Student uniforms. The Green Hills School Girl Uniforms are Not just an outfit but a Symbol of pride and belonging. The Classic green tartan pleated skirt paired with a crisp white blouse exudes elegance and sophistication. To complement the Ensemble. Girls can choose between knee-high socks or tights in matching colors. The school blazer with the crest adds a touch of formality. While keeping them warm during colder Days. Accessorizing with a green tie or ribbon completes the look. Adding a pop of color to their attire.