How to use Paytm Inbox to chat and transfer money


Paytm users can now chat and transact together on one platform. The digital wallet company has launched an Inbox, a new window in Paytm that will allow users to send money, exchange texts, videos, audio message and even share the location.

“We are excited to launch Paytm Inbox today, a new offering on our app with a fast and simple messaging service that will let you chat with your friends and family, and send/request money at the same time. You can even chat with your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper and order stuff easily and send them money instantly on delivery,” the company announced on its blog.
The Paytm Inbox also comes with Delete for Everyone button. Just like in WhatsApp, the Delete for everyone or recall button in Paytm Inbox allows the user to revoke the sent message. However, there’s no time-limit to revoke the message with Inbox. WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone is a time-sensitive feature and it allows you to revoke messages sent only within 7 minutes. With Paytm Inbox, you can recall the message anytime you want. To access the option, you can tap and press the message you want to recall and click on the ‘Delete for All’ option.This service is live on Android and will be available to iOS users soon.

Highlights of Paytm Inbox:

— It is end-end encrypted.
— It allows you to chat as well as transfer money.
— Comes with Delete for Everyone aka recall button.
— You can also share photos videos and live location.
—  The Inbox messenger also comes with Notifications, Orders, and Games.

How to use Paytm Inbox:

— Update the Paytm app on your Android smartphone from Play Store.
—  Now tap on the Inbox icon that shows on the lower-right corner of your screen. The section will show all contacts from your phone’s contact book who are using Paytm.
— Tap on the New Message icon and select the contacts you wish to chat with.
— You can also create a new chat group using the ‘Create New Group’ option.

How to send and request money using Paytm Inbox?

— Tap on the Send Money/Request Money icon within a chat.
— Enter the amount you want to send/request and press Send Money or Request Money.
— You can add the money from your Paytm wallet or other options such as BHIM UPI, Credit/Debit Card and Net banking.

— To check your transactions history, you need to tap the view passbook option within the Inbox feature.