CBSE Class 12th Blueprint Commerce Stream 2019

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint Commerce Stream 2019

Commerce contains a well lot of subjects and its syllabus is so vast, that it seems almost impossible to finish it in a year. So, the preparations and studies for it should be started right at the beginning of the year. Take a look at the CBSE 12th marking scheme and get a proper idea of how to study or plan your study.

Blueprint of Accounts for Class 12th 2019

Accounts is the subject from which many of the commerce stream students are seen struggling with or you can say find it very difficult to understand or deal with the subject. But understanding accounts is not that difficult if done in a proper way by planning the study according to the blueprint and by weight of the chapters etc. it could be made much easy to score in.

Unit Unit’s Name Marks for Each Unit
Part A Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies
Unit 1: Accounting for Partnership Firms 35
Unit 2: Accounting for Companies 25
Total Marks 60
Part B Financial Statement Analysis
Unit 3: Analysis For Financial Statements 12
Unit 4: Cash Flow Statements 8
Total Marks 20
Part C Project Work 20
Part B Computerized Accounting
Unit 3: Computerised Accounting 20
Part C Project Work 20

Some of the most important topics that the commerce students should keep in mind are some important terms like current liabilities, accumulated profits, and losses, fictitious assets, current assets, liquid assets, fixed assets, depreciation, capital and revenue receipts etc.

Blueprint of Economics for Class 12th 2019

One of the most interesting subjects for commerce which almost all the students are fond of, but it does get tough in class 12th. Along with the other factors you should also keep in mind about the CBSE 12th syllabus for commerce and then have a look at the blueprint and study accordingly.

Unit No. Unit Name / Chapter Name Marks

Introduction (2 questions) 1SA (1), 1VSA(3)

2 Consumer Equilibrium and Demand (6 questions) 2VSA, 1SA (3 marks), 2 SA (4 marks), 1 long (6) 18
3 Producer Behaviour and Supply (5 questions) 1 long (6), 1 VSA, 1SA (3) 2 SA (4)  18
4 Forms of Market and Price determination (3 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 VSA (1), 1 SA (3)  10
5 National income and related aggregates (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 3 SA (3)  15
6 Money and Banking (2 questions) 1 Long (6), 2 VSA (1) 8
7 Determination of Income and employment (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 SA (4), 2 VSA (1) 12
8 Government Budget and the economy (2 questions) 2 SA (4)  8
9 A balance of Payment  (3 questions) 1 VSA (1), 2 SA (3)  7
 Total  100

Blueprint of Business Studies for Class 12th 2019

Business studies, as the name suggests deals with the business aspects and the management of business. So students who are focusing on having their own businesses or are interested in getting further studies for business should focus more on it. Here you are provided with the blueprint for business studies which will help you in studying in a proper way.

Unit No. Units Name / Chapter Name Marks
                        Part A – Principles and Functions of Management
1 Nature and Significance of Management  7
2 Principles of Management  7
3 Planning  7
4 Organising  10
5 Staffing  10
6 Directing  12
7 Controlling  7
                         Part B  – Business Finance and Marketing
8 Financial Management 12
9 Financial Markets  8
10 Marketing  14
11 Consumer Protection  6
 Total  100