CBSE Class 12th Blueprint Arts Stream 2019

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint Arts Stream 2019

If you like to learn subjects like history, geography and political science etc then art is the best choice that anyone could have. Most people think that arts are for those who score low marks, but it is totally a matter of choice about what a person wants to learn, plus arts is a very interesting subject to learn.

Blueprint of Political Science for Class 12th 2019

Political Science is one of the most scoring subjects in the commerce world. It is however considered difficult by some. But with a proper studying technique of using the blueprint, you can score well in this subject.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1. Cold War era in world politics
2. The disintegration of the ‘Second World’ and the collapse of bipolarity 14
3. US Dominance in world politics
4. Alternative centres of economic and political power 16
5. South Asia in the Post-Cold war era
6. International Organisations in a Unipolar world 10
7. Security in contemporary world
8. Environment and natural resources
9. Globalization and its critics 10
10. Era of One-Party Dominance
11. Nation-building and its problems 16
12. Politics of planned development
13. India’s external relations 6
14. Challenges to and restoration of Congress system 12
15. Crisis of the constitutional order
16. Regional aspiration and conflicts
17. Rise of new social movements 16
18. Recent Developments in Indian politics
Total 100

Blueprint of History for Class 12th 2019

In Arts, history is the most interesting subject, but still some students find it difficult. The chapters of the subject are mostly like stories about how everything was in the past and whatever that has happened in the past. Using the blueprint given below, you can make a study pattern to score the maximum.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
Units 1- 4 Themes in Indian History part – 1 25
Units 5 – 9 Themes in Indian History part – 2 25
Units 10 – 15 Themes in Indian History part – 3 25
Unit 16 Map Work 05
Project Work 20
Total 100

Blueprint of Geography for Class 12th 2019

Geography is the subject which one needs to study regularly to stay updated and thorough with the topics. It is one of the most difficult subjects to score good marks in. But with the idea of a blueprint and a proper marking weight it gets easier to score good marks in it.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1. Human Geography
2. People
3. Human Activities 30
4. Transport, Communication, and Trade
5. Human Settlements
6. People
7. Human Settlements
8. Resources and Developments 30
9. Transport, Communication and International Trade
10. A geographical perspective on selected issues and problems
Map Work 10
Total 70