अपने रिजल्ट पैटर्न में CBSE ने किया बदलाव, Students को होगा फायदा

New Delhi. This time CBSE has made major changes in the result format. CBSE CHANGE OF OWN RESULT PATTERN. According to the information, the students who had passed the 10th board exam now received a total number of marks with different grades from the year 2018, also the information will be received in their papers. Students will not need to take their marks separately.

After this change of CBSE, it has become the first such board that will provide information to students who receive the grade along with the grade. By getting results in the first grade, students had difficulty in getting their marks, this new arrangement would make it easier for the CBSE students to enroll in the second board.
Now, giving information about the numbers in the letter sheet will help the students overcome problems. Please note that only 2011 marks were written on the tissue sheet. Later on only the grade information was given on the 10th Board Issue Paper. The examination pattern was also on the grade. Now this time after the change in the examination pattern, there will be a change in the number sheet.


Due to having a grading system for the last seven years, the topper system was over. Now, according to the new pattern of CBSE, the toppers will be declared from 2018. Only the Board examinations will be done by eliminating the school board system. This will be declared first, second and third toppers nationwide. This change of CBSE will facilitate students to enroll in the 11th. Along with this, the arbitrariness of the other board will be dealt with.

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